Canadian History

The History and culture of Canada is effected a lot by French and English. Canada had many explorers the first was the Inuit tribe, and many more including Eric the red, John Cabot, Jacques Cartier and Samuel De Champlain are the most commonly known, but there are many more. The Canadian country is a silent country its history is filled with war! The first war was fought between the French and Hurons and the British and Iroquois it was fought over the fur trade system. Then there was the war of 1812 fought when the US tried to invade Canada. It wasn't a real war but the French and Canadian citizens rebelled under the British rule that lead to the British North America act! Canada was apart of Canada it was a main group of the invasion of Normandy, the involvement in WW2 lead to more nationalism in Canada.

Where do people live in canada and why?

There are different reason people move around in Canada a few are climate, acid rain, pollution of the great lakes, extraction and use of natural resources in the Canadian shield, and of course the timber industry. People live in the Canadian shield so they can mine for natural resources and make money, 1.5 million people make their living off of mining natural resources and mining valuable items such as diamonds. the northern part of Canada's climate is pretty much always cold, so Canadians tend to live closer to the US. In Canada extracting timber is very rich and this is very bad for the environment because they want a tree but they cant get to it because there are other trees in the way so they cut down all the trees in their way to get their heavy machinery through.

The Canadian Goverment

Many people think that Canada is its own country but they are wrong but Canada is actually controlled by the British. Canada has its own government and it is a Federation, parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, so the leaders of Canada would be a prime minister, head of state, and governor general. The most powerful is the head of state who is the Monarch of the UK currently Queen Elizabeth the second. The governor general steps in for the Monarch and the prime minister who has the most political power, and the prime minister is elected by the majority of representatives in the house of commons. In Canada you must be 18 to vote but you do not have to vote. Citizens indirectly vote for the prime minister by electing members for the house of commons. Canada is a constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy and a federation its because its a federation because its combined with the UK and its a constitutional monarchy because of UK's government, its also a parliamentary democracy because of Canada's direct government.