4th Grade Math lab


October's Objective

Use place value understanding to round multi-digit whole numbers to any place.

 I can round numbers, up to one million, to any given place value.

New tool: Educanon

In the Red Center, students will use Educanon to walk them through some direct instruction at the students pace. Students and teachers already have logins to this program through clever!

To create it, I made the video and uploaded it to youtube. Then, I went to educanon and added stopping points along the way to hold students accountable for actually watching my video!

MTSS Strategies

One MTSS Strategy is "errorless worksheets"... basically giving the children something to check their work by. The answer is not as important as the work- so even if they know the right answer, they have to know how to get there. I have included this strategy by using an Educanon video for a group and QR codes to scan for another.

Read more about this strategy here.

Whole Group Warm up

In groups, students will sort the cards given for rounding 100's and 1000's. Once completed, they will show on the whiteboard- using benchmark #'s and a midpoint on a number line, which direction the # rounded.

Assess for Grouping

Students will take this Assessment in order to be grouped for the next activity.

Blue Group: 8-10 Correct

Green Group: 4-7 Correct

Red Group: 0-3 Correct

Differentiated groups

Red Group: 0-3 Correct on Assessment

Students will scan the red QR code and watch Educanon Video (from Learnzillion). Follow along on whiteboard.

Green Group: 4-7 Correct on assessment

Students will scan the green QR code for directions. They will then use the envelopes with sunglasses to answer questions, self checking the "sunglass" questions with the QR journal on their computer (through the QR codes on each set of sunglasses)

Blue Group: 8-10 Correct on assessment

Students will use the Blue QR code to see their directions and example video. They will then use the i-Pads to create an "educreations" demonstrating the objective shown.


I have created a playlist of games in "Power my Learning" to reinforce the concepts of rouding. Students will join the 4th Grade Math lab class in Power my learning using the code: 179350