Trading News in Mesopotamia

Trade Illustrated

From the creators of Monarch Illustrated we now present Trade Illustrated! This is the first Trade Illustrated newspaper and hopefully the best. We will be talking about all kinds of interesting trading information and different trading business's in mesopotamia!

Successful Traders

Juan Pablo (a trader in Babylon) recently found a lot of gold, and he is now one of the wealthiest traders. Juan Pablo is now a very wealthy man, and he is higher in the social hierarchy. Mike Hitler (a very successful trader in Assyria) was recently killed, and a lot of his merchandise was stolen. Mike would be very poor if he was still alive today. The person who stole from Mike wasn't caught yet, but if he is caught he will get his hands cut off.

Transportation used to ship and trade food

There are many ways that the we Mesopotamians trade. One is by foot, which means we would walk from place to place. Another way would be by boat or raft because most cities built docks for boat landings. Assyrians refuse to go by boat because they are scared of a sea monster. A third way would be by carts pulled by camel or donkey, making this the most common way of transporting goods.

Trading Stores

Recently in Mesopotamia, traders have been opening up stores for people instead of traveling to see them. It is the new trend for traders in Mesopotamia! It makes it much easier for traders so that they don't have to travel to their customers. The customers have to travel to the traders. If only there was a way that we could travel from place to place on land faster than walking.

Things people trade

There are many things we trade. Some of the things we trade are rugs crops, weapons, and more. Some things are expensive, and some are cheap. For instance, if we wanted to sell a wooden boat that would cost a lot of money. If someone wanted to buy bread, then it would not be expensive, because we have a surplus amount of it. We do not have a surplus of wood.

How the crops start out before they are traded and sold

Flooding made my land very fertile, which helps the plants grow very well. We also have irrigation systems to control the water so not a lot gets wasted, and we don't loose any. This helped us to get a surplus amount of food and water. Also, we built canals to help direct water to the fields so our crops could grow better. Our fish, meat, wheat, barley, and dates are plentiful because of our irrigation system.

Rich and Poor

Our society has many upper class people that include God-kings, King's family, Priests, Administrators, Merchants, and scribes. These people have nice houses, lot's of money, plenty of good food to eat, and education. Our society also has many poor people too which include slaves, farmers, and laborers. These people are generally not educated and have few legal rights. The poor didn't get all the fancy stuff traders had; They got the things that they're was surplus of.

Government in Mesopotamia (extra info)

Our society had different types off government throughout the years. In early Sumeria decisions were made by a council of elders known as Lugals. We progressed to a combination of democracy and monarchy. We had an Assembly of elected officials at the same time as a king. Priests also participated in government by distributing food and plots of land. Priests also protected widows and orphans by giving them welfare services.

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Mesopotamia Trade Routes and Transportation