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Principal's Weekly News, May 9th

Keeping you informed of all the "tracks" we make at school and in our community!

JSE Monthly Attributes

Characteristic of a Successful Learner (CSL): Self-Advocate

Bucket-Filling Trait: Confidence

It's a Marvelous Monday at JSE

The first week of our final month was extra special for students and staff thank you to the families of JSE. The lunch, support staff breakfast, gifts, notes, and supply baskets were very generous and much appreciated!

Our kids are still talking about the fantastic visit by Indiana's Teacher of the Year, Kathy Nimmer. We all feel inspired to use our gifts to give back and make the world a better place. Check out the The Times article to find out more about what your child learned and experienced through her giving back to schools all over Indiana. http://www.nwitimes.com/news/education/teacher-of-the-year-hopes-her-story-will-inspire-others/article_e216a227-d7c9-5d1e-92c6-82534f9f8c66.html We feel thankful to have been a part of her year!

This month abounds with learning both in and outside the classroom. In the classroom we continue to focus on standards, preparing students for the next level. Outside the classroom students take field trips and apply knowledge through culminating projects such as our most recent spectacular 4th grade Living Museum and captivating 5th grade Native American presentations.

Congratulations to our JSE choir for accepting the honor of performing at the Porter County Sheriff's Memorial Service this coming Monday. Also proud to announce 3rd grader, Charlotte Klimczyk has been selected as a winner of the essay contest,

“What qualities are important for a Police Officer to have?” Presented at the service, Charlotte will receive a certificate and Barnes and Noble gift card.

We hope to see you this Friday at the JSE Art Show and Book Fair. Your support is always overwhelming!

Finishing strong at JSE,

Leigh Barnes



  • PTO Meeting this Tuesday at 6pm. Start attending the monthly meeting now to see what it's all about for next year! *All are welcome!
  • Chocolate Bar SALE Money DUE tomorrow, THANK YOU!

Important Dates:

BOOK RENTAL OVERDUE BALANCE: Please ensure your book rental has been paid. Reminder letters were sent home.

5/13 Future JSE Kindergarten Visits

5/13 JSE Art Show 6-7:30pm in the JSE Cafe

5/9-13 Book Fair Week

5/26 Field Day

5/27 School In-Session, Field Day Rain Date

6/1 5th Grade Recognition 10am

6/1 Last Student Day

Every Friday is Spirit Day! Wear orange and green!

Did you miss Kindergarten Round-Up?

This Friday we welcome a second group of our future Kindergartners to JSE to get them excited about next year. They will explore our library, computer lab, classrooms, and cafeteria for a snack.

Please call or visit our main office for information. We have information, registration forms, and a tour waiting for you. Before next year we will need to assess your child's learning skills to help us prepare for next year and provide you with summer learning focus skills. Incoming Kindergartners must be 5 years old by August 1st, 2016. Please share with all future JSE Kindergarten Families!

You are always welcome at JSE!

Please let us know how we can strengthen our partnership with you!

Leigh Barnes, Principal

Barb Rittel, Secretary

Chris Fields, Home School Advisor

Kathy Maniszko, School Nurse