Online tools for Remixing Videos

Quick Resources for Flipping the Classroom

There are a lot of great videos out there...

In addition to youtube and vimeo, there are a wealth of resources online for great video.

Check out:

But you have a presentation already

Check out Present. me lets you upload a presentation and then record either accompanying video or audio. A quick way to start creating your own clips and reuse great materials you have ready.

Check out the tour.

I found some great youtube clips and want to create a mix

Just like the mixed tapes back in the day, Drag on Tape allows you to create your own mix clips.
Search for the youtube clips you would like, drag them to your timeline. You can add several clips and trim to create your own unique mix.

Click here for a visual overview.

I found a clip but I want to walk kids through it...

Then create your own pop up videos with Mozilla's Popcorn JS. It's hard to believe till you start playing. Check out the basics here at Popcorn 101.

Please note that Mozilla Popcorn will not work with Internet Explorer.

I have clips on youtube and I want to edit...

Youtube is not only a great place to host your flipped classroom videos but a great place to edit your clips as well. Use your computer webcam to capture directly to youtube. Add effects to your video. Enhance your clip with annotations and effects. You can also create quick slideshow and use creative commons material posted on youtube in your own creations.

Check out:
Youtube Annotations Tool
Youtube Editor