May 2-6

The Buzz in Room 615

Last Week

Last week, as the final week of April, was also probably our final week or relative normalness. Even with a field trip and field day, we still learned a lot! May, unfortunately, will bring lots of testing and mixed up schedules. Otherwise, we'll try to keep everything going smoothly!

Anyway, we did a lot of fun things last week. Below I have some summaries, pictures and videos from some of it. Enjoy! :)

Writing: We began writing using speech bubbles this week. The kids loved it because they could be silly and super creative.

Reading: This week was all about reader's theater again, only with a few more personalized ones. The kids did a great job! Some were a little more embarrassed than others to act their parts out a little, but that's okay. :)

Math: We did a little time traveling this week and went back and began reviewing addition strategies. Our goal in this last unit is to become super fluent with our addition and subtraction facts within 10. After getting the basics out of the way, we'll focus a lot on the speed and ability to use strategies quickly and efficiently.

Science: Our introduction to living and non-living things has been a success! Thanks for reinforcing what we've learned so far at home by doing the homework sheet. It was interesting to see some students' perceptions at first because as adults, it is easy to assume that everyone can tell what is living and what is not. However, that's not the case. They were all quick to catch on, though. We watched a video explaining and giving examples of the two categories, had a couple discussions, and did a quick living/nonliving sort.

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The Kindergarten field trip to Hall Family Farm was a success! It may have been hot, but we had a lot of fun. (I did, anyway!) The students got to pick their own container of strawberries, ride on a fun scavenger-hunt-themed hayride, run around in an open play area, and have a nice outdoor lunch. The strawberries were beautiful and the staff was very friendly, so if you're looking for a good activity for your family, you could always go there! They also have pumpkins in the fall. Check out the pictures from our day above and below. :)
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Field Day

Living vs Nonliving Sort

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The Week Ahead

This week will be kind of strange - on Monday and Tuesday, all of the students in our class will be split up and spend the entire day in another teacher's classroom. That is because I'll be responsible for testing other students in reading. The rest of the week and month, we'll be getting some other students in our classroom too for the same reason. We'll see how it goes! Wednesday and Thursday, I won't be in the classroom much because I'll be testing some more. During this time, Ms. Watson will be in charge. We also have boosterthon, a big fundraising event, kicking off this week. I really don't know what to expect, but stay tuned for more details! We'll all just be going with the flow.

Writing: Persusasive writing will begin this week!

Reading: We're starting our final reading unit, as we really take a look at the importance of characters and their roles.

Math: More work with addition strategies and fluency will be done as we continue to practice our facts in a snap.

Science: We'll be taking a look at the different types of living organisms, namely plants and animals. The students will read about, watch videos on, and complete activities depicting the needs of different living things and the differences among them. It should be fun!

Keep an eye out for emails this week with more information about what's going on! :)

Thank You!

I just wanted to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who showed their appreciation for me in some way last week during teacher appreciation week. Everything really meant a lot - you are all such awesome families that I am lucky to know! I appreciate YOU! :)