MMS Staff Meeting

September 10, 2013

1st progress report due on Friday @ 4:00

  • You cannot have any Incompletes for a progress report grade.
  • Any grade you enter after 4:00 will be towards the report card grade.
  • If this was a report card, you would be locked out at 4:00 pm.
  • Progress reports calculate all grades. If you have your grade book set to drop a grade, it will not be reflected until report cards.

Click on the gray box below to log into your Midway Edmodo account through the Midway Subdomain.

  • If you are having trouble in Safari, try the Chrome browser app.
  • There is a shortcut on the Midway Homepage>Students>Edmodo

Use the code below to join today's staff meeting group.

Creating Student Accounts

I sent out directions for how students at Midway should set up Edmodo accounts, if you need these directions again, please email me.

Here is a summary of what you will find in the directions for Signing Up Students

  • Students should add a _misd at the end of their username
  • If I was a student, my username would be AmyM_Davis_misd
  • Their password is their Midway password.
  • If I was a student, my email address would be

ALSO, please do not use Edmodo on the shared iPads at this time. I am still testing out things to make it work. Use the computer lab or LapTop Cart 2 to sign students up for Edmodo. While using the computer, Chrome is the best browser.