by:Eric Raykin

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Atlas mountains

The atlas is a system of ranges and plateaus in northwest official extending 1500 miles from southwest marred through Algeria to north Tunisia. The atlas mountains are rich in minerals,especially phosphates,coal,iron and oil.


Perhaps the most popular way of exploring the Atlas Mountains is by hiking and whether you are looking for just a short walk along some of the steady mountain paths, or a trek over several days with over night stays in traditional bivouac, all can be arranged and enjoyed. Many hiking trips also give you the opportunity to interact with the traditional Berber culture.

Mountain Biking

There are some fantastic mountain biking trails in the Atlas Mountains for both the experienced and beginner rider covering a wide range of terrains, all the while with beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance.

Horse Riding

Horse riding through the Atlas Mountains can be an incredible experience. Rides can be taken through some of the Berber villages and in to the farmlands and along the way knowledgeable guides will explain the history and culture of the region making it all the more rewarding.