Typing Web

Typing Web

1.IT a Great Site for typing faster.

2.You type more with getting less errors

3.Typing web can find the keys you need to work on.

4.Your typing is great by the end.

%.You are guaranteed to do progressively get across it.

I Movie

1.This app is guarantied to help you start trailer and movie

2.IT shows you how you set up a trailer what you do

3.You will sure figured out a working progress in it

4.Good for action and learning programs

5. Their always something to make

available in apple app store

Career Locker

1.Career locker is a program for searching a job in your

2.You can do research on certain job to just about any in the entire world

3. Not only that you can find how many of collage and what degrees you need to get to that job

4.You can find available college you any wan to go there and tell you how much money it cost to get there

Haiku Deck

1.Haiku Deck is a good app for presentations internet or without internet

2.You will learn there is a lot of stuff you can learn everyday

3.This app is not only good with information you can make different background in every slide and it can be a picture

available in app store

Explain Eveything

1.This app is good for for showing thing like math problems in speaking and writing while recording

2.You can speak and write while recording and you can do other neat stuff etc..

3.You have feature including Text,post your video to people,and it free

Hour of Code

1.You learn basic computer programming games

2.You have game to program such as flappy Builder where you can Build your own Flappy game

3.You can program art an d print it out and you get award when you completed all ten steps

Email Etiquette

1.When doing this unit you learn how to make an Email

2.You learn how to capital letter no choppy sentences and complete sentences. make a email appropriate to who you talk to