Media Center Monthly Report

January, 2013

Rethinking how to report what we're doing in the MC

I am inspired by the book, "Creating Innovators" by Tom Wagner (

"It is not what you know, but what can you do with what you know."

  • Play, Passion, Purpose
  • Children learn when they are intrinsically motivated
  • The school library mission is, "To insure students are affective users and producers of information and ideas"

My philosophy of teaching continues to evolve. I am affected by what I read and the wide range of people I know. I believe my "job" is not to teach skills, but to impart a spirit of curiosity and to help students, particularly those who are somewhat disengaged, with a desire to find what they could be good at and passionate about. Sometimes that means I try something that is an utter failure or make an idiot out of myself - but if my efforts inspire one student, it is worth it to me.

Outside of daily classes, this month, I also plan to:

1) Meet with the Video Streaming Committee

2) Meet with MC Advisory Committee

3) Attend the Title 1 Conference in Nashville

4) Participate in three ninety minute evening sessions: Jan. 14, 21, and Feb. 4th on how to create a Virtual Learning Commons. The site will contain five major virtual rooms: The Information Center, The Literacy Center, the Knowledge Building Center, The Experimental Learning Center, and School Culture. It would look something like this:

What's happened in the MC December & January