Mrs. Whitener's Wise Owls

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER April. 4TH- April. 8th

Classroom News


- For daily homework, please check my website, the link is below. I update the homework every morning.

- Please remind your students to use their time wisely everyday. The talking during inappropriate times is a problem, please discuss this with them.

-Please check your student for a belt EVERYDAY. Lately more and more students are forgetting their belts. Students will now get an infraction if they do not wear a belt.

- There will be NO spelling this week.

- FSA Reading is April 19th and April 20th. If you would like to donate breakfast foods (such as granola bars) or snack foods (such as goldfish, gummies, etc), and waters, for before and after the assessment please send it in by Monday April 18th.

- We will be ending Unit 4 in Social Studies this week. I believe the test will be Friday. Please reread the lessons with your child and check their social Studies homework. The students will be able to use their notes on the assessment.

- For Math this week we will be doing a review of all the things they have learned this year. there will be a small test on Friday.

- We are starting Eight keys Today. If you have not gotten the book yet, please get it ASAP.

- Next book will be Crytid Hunter by Roland Smith, we should be starting this in about 3 weeks.

Upcoming Birthdays!

what we are learning this week!

LA: Test taking Strategies and practice passages/ Novel Study Eight Keys (TEST Friday)

- All the reading skills have been taught, now its time to review all the skills with practice passages. We will also be reviewing test taking strategies.

- We will also be starting our Novel study today.

Math: Review Skills (TEST Friday)

- We will be completing a review packet in class. the test will be based on the packet.

Social Studies: Unit 4: Florida in Modern Times (TEST Friday)

- Students will be able to use their unit notebook on the test. Please reread the lessons with them nightly.

Spelling Words and Vocabulary

Their is no Spelling this week!
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Classroom Needs!

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