Group Care


MOMcon 2016 is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin September 29-October 1, 2016

MOMcon 2015 Highlights

Tea and Testimony

You can also use Coffee and Connections as a theme.

Every year MOPS suggests that we go a little bit deeper and give leaders/moms an opportunity to share their story with the group. This can be their testimony of how they have come to Christ or how something they are currently going through is drawing them to Christ. Hearing the leaders stories can help the moms to connect and also be vulnerable with their story.

Some Ideas:

Make this a low key meeting where moms feel relaxed

Don't have a lot of announcements and other activities going on

Set the tone

Soft music playing in the back ground

Use your fine china or fancy mugs

Have tables decorated with flowers or something theme related to the Tea/Coffee


Have the food catered or provided by the leadership (finger foods)

Select 3-4 leaders to share their stories, a mentor is also a great choice. Ask them if they are willing to answer questions at the end.

Have Leaders available to pray with the moms after in case moms want to talk

See MOPS Handbook for tips on sharing your story.

I have always admired Shauna Niequist and her ability to be vulnerable. Check out her Blog!!