December 3, 2018


Top 10 by 2020

  1. Academic Achievement
  2. Student Climate
  3. Adult Culture

Together we can achieve anything.

Shoutouts & Celebrations

thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness, excellence, and selflessness.

  • Pam Stave: Thanks for cleaning the microwave in the commons!!!
  • Mr. Soderberg and Mr. Koele: Thank you for always supporting me in my academics, extracurriculars, and in my personal life. It's comforting to know you care about us not only professionally but also personally.
  • Jason Koele: Jason is always there for me even though he's dealing with a ton on his end as well. I appreciate the kind of person he is and his commitment to our family here at SCC.
  • Jerry Wold: Thanks helping me with my tree and box needs! You're always super kind and helpful, no matter how odd the request.
  • Mitch Klimek: Being lights out with developing tiered assessments and helping us create an AP Science program here at SCC......oh, and always being here before most of us even wake up in the morning.
  • Ari Wirebaugh: Held a German food/conversation opportunity outside of school!
  • Gretchen Rozeboom: For taking Kaitlyn Holmgren to the World Food Prize, and for getting it into the New Richmond paper.
  • Staff members participating in the ALIVE fundraiser: Donating $ for the dessert table, donating Christmas trees for a display, volunteering to work shifts the night of event etc...
  • Bill Emery and Gretchen Rozeboom: They and the FFA kids cleaned up the bleachers and around the concession stand after football games the entire season. The Groundskeeping staff greatly appreciate it!!!
  • The Pilot Teachers: Your presence and thoughtful discussion with parents was very powerful. Thank You!
  • Jeff Fern and Tracy Klein: They helped make the parent meeting on SBA&R a success.
  • Front Office Staff: Work incredibly efficiently even with hundreds of interruptions each day!!
  • Jason Koele, Tracy Klein, Jeff Fern, and Steph Posta: They provide honest feedback, recommendations, and an open ear to make sure our staff and students have the best experience possible. They can be counted on to selflessly serve - each day they make us better.
  • Jason Koele: Encouraged a student to get his work done from two months ago... in two days!
  • Ty Ketz and Matt Langman: Being excellent "bodyguards" and breaking a sweat during ACT/ASPIRE testing.

You all ROCK!

Let it SNOW!

Elf: 10th Anniversary - Snowball Fight - Own It Now

Schedule for the Week

Morning Greeters This Week


Monday, December 3

A great day to be a Panther!

WIN PLC TIME: Social Studies, Health/PE

Tuesday, December 4

7:30 am - 8:00 am - BLT Meeting


Wednesday, December 5 - Morning Meeting - GRADE LEVEL PLC's

7:35 am - 8: 15 am - Grade Level PLC's

11:30 am - 1:30 pm - Tech Bytes (w/ Dan Ruud)


Thursday, December 6

8:00 am - Noon - Habitat for Humanity (Wenzel)

WIN PLC TIME: Music, Science, SPED

Friday, December 7

7:30 am - 8:00 am - PBIS Group Meeting

8:15 am - 10:45 am - HSLT Meeting