Principles of the Constitution

By: Juan Macias

Popular Sovereignty

The people get too choose the person that gets limited government and they choose him because they hope he will make the right choices.


Who ever the people choose is gonna be there government for a while and he has limited government so when his done a new government will rise.


The powers or the law are divided into the Constitution into articles which separating the laws that people & the president must follow.

Separation of Powers

The powers are divided but there are different branches that create it, look over it, pass it as a law which are the Legislative,Executive,Judicial branches.

Checks & Balances

Each branch has a national government that controls. They are the ones that have the power too impeach someone.

Limited Government

That means the president can't always be president he only gets it for a limited time too be.

He ether gets elected again or they choose someone else. The people choose so they are the power

Individuals Rights

This means everyone will have there personal freedom because the Constitution will cover there freedom like own land,freedom of speech,freedom of religion,and land.