BOSY - Beginning Of School Year

Mrs. Capps, Mrs. Gowan, Mrs. Gouge, Mr. Long

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Marvel Mission

"We come into the world alone and leave the same way. The time we spend in between ---- Time spent alive, sharing, learning together..... is all that makes life worth living"
--Jean Grey

TEAM Supply list of academic necessities for whole year.

Case for Chromebook - I just did a Google search

5 composition notebooks

2 rolls of decorative duct tape

1 tri-fold board (for later use, STEAM Fair and Reading Fair)

notebook paper (enough for the year)

pencils (enough for the year)

colored pencils (enough for the year)

glue sticks (enough for the year)

pair of safety school scissors

3 ring notebook (2inches at least)


1 plastic folder with 3 prongs

2 pocket folders

ruler to go inside notebook

1 pack colored pens (need green, red, purple, blue, black)

Expo markers

pencil pouch (inside - glue, scissors, colored pencils or crayons, pencils)

earbuds (cheap)

WISH LIST - Turn in to Homeroom

facial tissue

cleaning (Clorox wipes)

copy paper

hand sanitizer

4 - pack of AAA batteries

Purple Verification Sheet and Blue Info Card

Must turn in in order for kids to be checked out


Information will be coming home after first 10 days.

This is to keep track of your child's behavior in all 4 academic classes.

Marvels in a million words or less

We are excited about this new year and all it’s possibilities. We are grateful that you have given us this opportunity to be part of your child’s life. We would like for you, in a million words or less, to tell us about your child. Include anything you would like for us to know. If you are not comfortable in English, use Spanish. You can type it and send it to one of our email, or have your student bring it to school. These papers will be held in confidence and only viewed by the six teachers on our team. This is a valuable tool in helping parents and teachers work together to best facilitate your child’s learning.

Or you may electronically fill it out on this form

Marvel Master Teachers below:

Mrs. Andrea Capps - ELA

Mrs. Jeanna Gowan - Math

Mr. Alan Long - Social Studies

Ms. Amber Lane - AIG

Ms. Michelle Rogers - Exceptional Children