Math Menu

December 1-2 2015

Appetizer - Choose one

1. Xtra Math - 20 minutes (Set a timer on your computer)

2. Go to and type in this code: AB3MN6K to watch a video on how to divide using an area model.

Main Course - You must do all three!

1, Division Cards - Find a partner who is also using this menu. Play Quiz Quiz Trade!. This is a game where you quiz your partner 2 times (Quiz, Quiz) then Trade! Then your partner quizzes you 2 times (Quiz, Quiz) and then Trade! When it is your turn to quiz, you can act as the teacher and help your partner if they get stuck or give hints to your partner when necessary.

2. IXL E.10

3. Ten Marks Classwork- be sure to have a piece of paper to show your work! Complete the amplifiers if necessary :)

Dessert - Choose only ONE!

1. Prodigy

2. Coding lab