Do me a favor, Stop Child labor!

By: Juile Pilligua & Cynthia Davis

Historical Background

Industrialization led to a dramatic increase in child labor in the 19th century. People valued/needed child labor during industrialization because while many went to go fight in wars the children would replace them in the factory.Children were used because if their small size, it allowed them to move in small spaces that adults couldn't fit into. The children are also easier to manage/control and could be paid less since they could be taking advantage of. So overall factories can produce more goods without having to pay the workers so much. But throughout the child labor era developed groups of people that were against it like the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC 1904) which promoted the well being and education of children.


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Child labor impacted Great Britain and the world very dramatically during industrialization of the 19th century . Throughout industrialization 49% of the work force was under 20 years of age and 250 million kids around the world were suffering from the child labor. And over all the factories increased their income since they make more money off good that are being made and barely paying the children that work to make it. Martha Appleton (1859) opened up peoples eyes when her accident happen, she fainted on a machine and her fingers were ripped off. This showed that some children are being over worked and the working conditions were very dangerous. After this developed acts like in 1833 the factory act which was that it was illegal for textile factories to employ children less than 9 years old. Also the Education act of 1870 that set children to get education.


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