By: Alli Rankin


For my SAE I have created a pet sitting service. When pet owners are going out of town, I will be visiting their home 1-3 times daily to check on, walk, feed/give water, or let out their animals. The daily charge is 20$, this amount is set it does not change.

Schedule and Goals

My schedule depends on when owners are in need of my services. Typically it is during times when students are on leave, such as winter, summer, and spring breaks.

My goals, short term were to advertise and get business cards. I have succeeded in that so far i have handed them out to neighbors, teachers, friends, and two vet clinics (Locust trace and Chevy Chase).

Long term goals are to set up more clientele for this summer, i know will be pet sitting for my APUSH teacher- Mr. Snow, Mrs. Higgins, and my previous lacrosse coach- Kibbler. I do have a few other families whom i have set up as clientele that will be using my services in the future. I will be continuing to hand out business cards through the end of the year to ensure more business this summer and fall.


I had 500 business cards designed and printed on vista print. This was very inexpensive and worth the investment. I handed out stacks to the Locust trace veterinary clinic and the chevy chase animal clinic. Also as an informal method of advertising I randomly announced my services to my classmates and peers before holiday or seasonal breaks. I also gave my teachers business cards.


My outcome was mildly successful. I have accomplished a few pet-sits, as well as a few plans for the end of the year/ summer break. I think to increase my outcome I should spread my business cards further and maybe post ads in local businesses.

Over winter break i pet sit two bichons for five days with an income of 100$

Over spring break i pet sit two labs for four days with an income of 80$

This summer i will be pet sitting Mr. Snows dog for one week

Also Mrs. Higgins dogs Tanner and Riley for one week

As well as Kibblers two cats and three dogs at the end of may for two weeks


Forget about boarding, your pets can stay in the comfort of their own homes!