Family structure

What makes you unique

What is family structure?

The conventional nuclear is a family term used to describe families in society today.

For example conventional would be 'Mum+Dad'

There is also one for the lone parent ( another name for a single parent ) A mum, dad, grandparent, carer or guardian that takes care of the child on their own.

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What is nomadic?

A Nomadic is someone that will go and live away from what is considered ' a normal life'

What is meant by homosexual?

Homosexual is when two men or two women live together as partners and bring up their children, whether this is done by adopting a child or have a surrogate mother, deliver the child for you. The surrogate mother is not involved after the birth of the child.
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What is communal?

Communal is when you would go and live with other families , living by their rules and their religions.

What is adoption?

Adoption is the process of giving a child a home. Couples or even single parents that want to give a child a home because they cant conceive themselves but it is not always the case, some parents or single parents just want to give a child a loving home and bring them up as their own.
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What is reconstituted families?

This is when a family is split up because they no longer want to be together, therefore they will go and find another partner and that couple will make another family unit ( baby ) This means that the child will also have a step father.
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What is a lone parent?

A lone parent is also known as a single parent. A parent or guardian that will look after their child/children on their own. This is either because they are separated or widowed.
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