¿Qué es la belleza?

Español 3 - Proyecto de belleza

Congratulations! You have your own beauty magazine. For the first issue of your magazine, you would like to share all of the things that are beautiful to you!

Your magazine can be created using Prezi, Movie Maker, Smore or any other visual source. Below you will find the requirements for your magazine.



For each skill listed below, your are to choose a topic. For example, for listening, you can find a commercial that illustrates outer beauty, such as a makeup commercial. Each skill is worth 10 points. Refer to the rubrics on SCORE to know how you will be assessed.


Choose one of the four articles provided by Sra. Prudencio (on SCORE). Read the article and summarize it in your own words. Minimum of 5 sentences.


Find an article (in English) about one of the topics. Write an essay explaining your point of view and whether or not you agree with the author. Minimum of 10 sentences.


Find a commercial (link the commercial to your magazine) and answer the following:

  1. Four words that you recognized from the commercial.
  2. Who created the commercial?
  3. What is the product/service?
  4. How does the commercial make you feel? What is your reaction?


Find an image that captures your beauty. This must be a photo of you. Reflect on what is beautiful about you. In 10 sentences, describe your beauty. You will record yourself and will upload your recording to your magazine.

Due Date

Your magazine is due by March 21, 2014. Please submit your final project to the drop box on SCORE (provide the link, if necessary). Submissions after this date will lose points.