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Viator Voice: August 3, 2020

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Welcome to the 2020-21 Academic School Year!

Dear Parents,

On behalf of our Pastor, faculty, and entire staff, we extend a joyful “welcome” to all of our Parish School families. While we must endure change in this global pandemic to safely return, we are eager to begin this year’s journey serving Our Lord by joining with you as partners in educating your children.

The 2020-21 School Calendar, Monthly Calendar, Parent-Student Handbook, and Student Supply lists have been placed on our school website: to print at your convenience. This information may be found under "Parent Life" and "Student Life". Please email the office at with any questions.


Mrs. Tracy Brunelle, Principal

A New Normal

Reopening Safely: A Planning Framework for the 2020-21 School Year

Your 2020-21 PTO President: Jenaya Lisowski

We welcome Jenaya Lisowski as our PTO President this year! While the year will be a challenge under current guidelines to stay connected, Mrs. Lisowski will be working with you to do just that! If you are interested in being a room mother for your classroom teacher or if you are able to be a mentor to new families or if you can help as needed, please contact Mrs. Lisowski at


There are many ways in which we communicate information and student progress.

  • Weekly Viator Voice
  • Google Classroom
  • Rediker PlusPortals - Grades 3-8 - student progress and attendance information. Login information will be coming home soon.
  • You should be receiving office text alerts and emails already. If you have not been receiving, please call the office at 702-732-4477 or email:

Please add "" to accept messages through your SPAM filter

Ask the Counselor...

As you know, we have a counselor on site to be present for the social-emotional needs of our students. As we prepare to safely go back to school, you may want to make counselor aware of something involving your child. To reach out, please email

Google Classroom

This year, teachers will be using Google Classroom, which offers:
  • Connects instructors with students.
  • Makes it easy to create a class and invite learners.
  • Helps instructors to distribute assignments.
  • Facilitates communications between instructors and students.
  • Allows teachers to create, review and mark assignments.
  • Allows students to see assignments, documents and class materials in one place.

Google Classroom also encourages parent participation. Teachers can invite parents to the Google Classroom to share summaries of student work and to receive automated email summaries of student work and class announcements. Additional information will be provided on the first day of school.

What will the classrooms look like this trimester?

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Last April, we began to see the need to restructure our current classrooms in order for us to reopen in the Fall. We capped enrollment at 32 and intentionally limited PK through 5 grade to one grade of students. This way, we could utilize the entire campus space to properly socially distance desks for all enrolled students. There is a dedicated aide and teacher for each PK through 5th grade.


Mrs. Susan Crame/Mrs. Cathy Cabeal

This classroom use to hold the library of 10,000 books and 35 students. Thus, this classroom is large enough to socially distance at 6' the class.


Mrs. Sharon Cirone/Mrs. Jen Jones

Moved to the cafeteria. The cafeteria used to hold up to 250 students for lunch. Now, it holds 32 students! There is a dedicated bathroom. There is a partition to divide the groups into smaller cohorts while Mrs. Cirone and Mrs. Jones easily move between the spaces.

1st Grade:

Mrs. Kayra Wood/Mrs. Janet Santos

The 1st Grade will operate in both classrooms of the portable.

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Claudia Escobar/Mrs. Shereen Sayegh

3rd Grade:

Mrs. Karen Ligouri/Mrs. Barb Silvestri/Learning Support Assistants

4th Grade:

Mrs. Karen Forsythe/Mrs. Emily Glasgow

2nd through 4th Grade: 1/2 of the students will be in A classroom and 1/2 of the students will be in the B classroom. The adults will freely move between the two spaces throughout the school day. No more than 17 students will be in the classroom. Number will vary based upon number of students chosen to go into Distance Learning Model for instruction. Desks will remain empty until students return.

5th Grade through 8th Grade:

Mrs. Mary Ellen Dorough: 5th Grade English, Social Studies, Religion, 6B Religion, and

6th Grade English

Mrs. Grainne Brin, support for Middle School

Mrs. Donna Gaftner: 5th - 8th Grade Math

Mrs. Sherry Vena: 5th and 6th Grade Science, 6A Religion, Technology

Mrs. Karen Garner: 7th and 8th Grade Science and Technology

Mrs. Janet Manfredi: 5th Grade Literature, 7th and 8th Grade English, 7th Religion

Mrs. Kris Miller: 6th through 8th grade Literature, 8th grade Religion

Mr. Paul Mertzman: 6th through 8th grade Social Studies, 8th grade Religion

Angela Sligar and Learning Support Assistants.

We are monitoring the requests in Middle School for Distance Education for final placement. We will be utilizing the 5th through 8th grade classrooms, library, lab, and gym as needed for social distancing.

Specialists rotating throughout classrooms: Mr. Jeff Wells, Mrs. Kenia Osuna, Mrs. Carolyn Wells, Mrs. Bonnie Kulwin, Mrs. Cheri Scott

What will distance education look like this trimester?

We will use Google Classroom as a platform for all work and resources. Here is simple snap shot; however, the specific protocols for your particular classroom will be communicated by your teacher during the first week of school.

  • Student will check into class when the bell rings in uniform.
  • A computer will be on the front desk facing the white board or podium -- where the teacher will be setting up core instruction.
  • A basic schedule of a "normal" day will be posted.
  • Teacher will teach the class as normal.
  • Student will raise hand and teacher will be able to ask for questions.
  • Student will be able to send "chat" message to teacher privately if they do not want to interrupt or do not understand after similar question was asked. All messages are recorded in the system.
  • When passing out papers to class, student will access from Google Classroom.
  • Student may find that they do not need to stay on the computer while class is working independently. They may elect to check in and out all day. Some might choose to stay all day.
  • When collecting work from class, student will submit to Google Classroom.
  • For students in grades 3-8, assignment grades will automatically populate to PlusPortals. This will continue to be the best place for overall picture of performance. Parents may log into Google Classroom to see details of assignment.
  • We are finalizing distance learning "classroom expectations and rules" which will also include specific guidelines and timelines on synchronous and asynchronous learning.

The classroom teacher will establish a virtual meeting with students/parents who will be starting the year in Distance Education to insure all student needs are addressed and met. We encourage you to reach out to the teacher via email or request a conference to discuss questions or concerns.

News from our School Nurse

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Pre-Kindergarten News

Pre-Kindergarten students must have their Health Form completed by their doctor/nurse and returned to the school office prior to attending school (August 17, 2020).

As a reminder, immunizations will still be required per Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 392.435 and 394.192 especially for students going into Pre-K, K and 7th grade. This will ensure children will continue to be protected against vaccine-preventable diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Per Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 392.435 and 394.192, if a parent or legal guardian fails to provide their child’s immunization documentation, the student must be excluded from school and may not be admitted until the requirements for immunization have been met.

Let’s work together as an immunization community to ensure children are protected against vaccine-preventable disease and ready to return to school.

What's Happening!

Friday, August 14, 2020

  • Pre-Kindergarten through 1st Grade Curriculum Presentations. Details will be emailed prior.

Monday, August 17, 2020

  • First Day of School!
  • Dismissal is at noon. Please plan to meet your student at their classroom door. On campus, Parents must maintain social distancing and are required to wear masks. Please exit promptly.

  • Extended Care starts today. If you are registering, look for update next week.
  • Grades 5 through 8 iPad Distribution - please do not forget protective case today.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to start the year with our normal orientation in the gym.

  • At the end of the day, you will receive a family communication folder containing important information. The signature page of your admission contract, acknowledging receipt and agreement with school policies will need to returned by Monday, August 24th.

Tuesday: August 18, 2020

  • Students will enter gates and proceed to classrooms.
  • Noon Dismissal - Please continue to plan to meet your student at their classroom door at dismissal until further directed. On campus, Parents must maintain social distancing and are required to wear masks. Please exit promptly.
  • 2nd through 4th Grade Curriculum Presentations. Details will be emailed prior.

Wednesday: August 19, 2020

  • Noon Dismissal
  • 5th Grade through 8th Grade Curriculum Presentations. Details will be emailed prior.

Thursday: August 20, 2020

  • Full day of School
  • Don't forget your lunch, including drink! All Hydroflasks or Thermos must be labeled with student name and grade.

Friday, August 21, 2020

  • Full day of School
  • Don't forget your lunch, including drink!

As you plan lunches, please consider...

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Click above on for good article on how to help the littlest students get ready for a new school year

Bill Nye Conducts Viral TikTok Mask Experiment | NowThis

Parents, we need your help...

As we learn more each day about COVID-19, the information evolves and we need to be flexible. Due to new CDC guidelines and after conferring with Diocesan medical experts regarding Governor Sisolak’s mandate on “face masks,” face shields are not an acceptable substitute for cloth facial coverings. Nor are they to be used as the sole method of face covering if at a distance of less than six feet from other individuals. Teachers may use face shields when teaching or lecturing for short periods of time. If closer than six feet to another person, at any time, especially in a classroom setting, a face mask covering is required.

It is unreasonable to expect children to follow the American Pediatric recommendation or Governor Sisolak's mandate if they are not wearing face coverings now. Please start now. Start slow, 15-20 minutes, build from there each day.

We want to be successful in our safe return; we cannot do without your support!

The Vending Machine will not be available for a few weeks. Please plan accordingly.

Picture Day: August 25th

Bartolo is now accepting online orders.

Formal Dress Uniform tomorrow, shorts acceptable

If you did not see the Summer Updates: