Stop Bulling!!

What is bullying

Bullying is children with bad behavior and aggressive to other. What i think bullies are is mean people that's been hurt and want to hurt other people

Why do people bully each other?

They bully each other because they want them to be scared, so they can be the best person.

What effect does bullying have on a person? It can make a person who was bullied don't want to go to school anymore. They are so scared to go to school because somebody will talk about them.

How can a person stop a bully?They can ask or tell the bully to stop before they get in troble.

How can you put a stop to bullying? You can put a stop to bullying vy telling a adult about what is going on.

I do not want to be bullied at all . I feel so sorry for the ones who have been bullied

before .i will never want to bully any person !!!!!!!!!!

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