Better or Worse?

Traditional Schools vs Year round.

Traditional Schools are better then Year around!!!

In a few moments I will be telling you why I think Traditional Schools are better then year round schools. Traditional schools is where you have summer break. Year round schools you have 9 weeks then 2-4 weeks off and you keep on doing that over and over. So lets get to it.

Really no summer break?

Why no summer!!! Whyyyyy? If we all did year round school then we would not have Summer break. Us kids have to have summer break. 3181 schools do not have summer break. Thats a lot of kids that have no summer break. 48 states have at least 1 year round school. That is 96%!! 31% of kids have at least 1 friend. That is not a good thing. That could be because kids in year round schools have no summer break so that means they do not have that much time to make friends. 10% of schools has switched over to year round schools because they think that kids get a better education. But for real they both have 180 days of school they just have breaks at diffrent times.
Kids having fun and playing in walking water ball. Funny video from KIDS TOYS CHANNEL
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Financially more effective.

If we all had year round school just imagine how much more money it would cost the schools. They would have to buy more lunches,pay the teachers more,more paper. Just that right there is actually a lot. The average cost for a high schooler is 7750.00. That is a lot of money!!! In 2012 there was 42 states with some year round school so that cost a lot. Also when there is a major fix that the school needs for year round they do not have that much time to do it because kids are always there. So then they would have to pay more to get it done quicker.


If we did year around school then we would never get to see our parents until after school. We would not be able to goo on vacations with our family either. Spending time with family helps the family stay together and also people are less likely to go on drugs. Also they are less likely to hurt a family member if they spend time with them. Also It is more likley for a kid to have better behavior the more they spend time with family. Also If you spend more time with your family then your mom will make you clean and do a bunch of stuff all it is doing is building up your responsibility. The average kid gets to see there grandparents 6 times a year. That is not the much at all. Also more tike you spend with your family more time you get to share self experiences and others can learn from that and then they will not make the same mistake. Also spending time with family sends a message that you love them. Also a disadvantage is that some kids are on different tracks so then they have different times of breaks.

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Kids already want less school!

Why school? Is what a lot of kids say. They say that because kids want less school. Only 65% of kids like school. So if you add time less kids will like it. 14% of boys says that they just barley don't like school. 13% of girls says the same. 30% of boys says that they do not like school at all. 14% girls says the same. Those numbers can go higher if you make kids go to school more. Also if you go to school more the more homework you get and 40% of kids spend more then 1 hour on there home work. Also we already have 7 hours of school so if you add another hour that is 8 hours of working all day long. Fewer then 2% of kids in high school says that they are never bored. That is not that much at all. They also asked 81,000 students. Dr.Danielle says that when she was a kid she would sometimes grown " Im Bored." Know she is a scientist and she said that kids that are bored in school tend to always think negative and not positive.


I know both schools have 180 days. But Traditonal schools there is a summer break. That is the perfect time to try to catch up in school. That is 2 months you can practice for the next day. But if you do year round all it is is school all the time and there is no time to practice. Also at least 30% of kids have failed once in there life. Possibly more. 25% of high school kids fail to go past collage. So if you do Traditonal school then that can get lower. Only 26.7% of kids that grauate from high school go on to collage. Also taking a AP class is not good. All AP classes is doing is making it harder for kids to get better grades because they have to Focus on another class. Also that can make them Stressed out if they take more then one class and Fail. The graph below will show you at ages 6-12 fail an average of at 6 years old 7% of kids and at 12 it is 20%. That is a hudge raise.
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The End.

Ok so I told why I think Traditional schools are better then year round. There are so many facts and reasons why Traditional schools are better. So now when people ask you which one is better you can say TRADITIONAL DUH. Anyways thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it. Also comment on your opinion. But I will be back next time with more facts if you disagrre. Thanks!!!!