Paw Prints

Norfolk Junior High

By Haylee Dittman

Step Up Revolution

My summary is about Step Up Revolution and this is the best movie ever. If you watch this you love because even my mom loved it so that means you will. Th main charters are Ryan Guzman, Katheryn McCormick, and Cleopatra Coleman. those are all of the main charters. their is a group of kids that love to dance and their dream is for every body to see their moves and that they are really good. the guy the main charter he meat a girl and she joined the group and she is really good she completes the group and every body loves her dancing skills.then ate the end of the movie the side that all of the dancer live on the government wants to tear it down. so what they do is they make a dance that will hopefully make them change their mind and finally they did and lived in there house again they didn't have to pack up and leave anymore. that is the end of the story.

Justin Bieber

I am writing about the Beebs. He is a famous pop and hip hop singer. He was born in London and he was raised in Canada. He was born March 1,1994. Justin started singing when he was 13. He started by singing and putting the songs on YouTube. He is really good. He is also an actor and artist. His favorite color is purple. He has a lot of awards. His height is 5’7”. His parents are Patti Mattel and Jeremy Bieber. He is also in the new game Just Dance 4.

The School Board Argument

The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather than five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue.

I disagree because there is less time for sports and people can't practice what they need to practice.There is more time for education. The students brain will be stuck on education and nothing else. There is less time to be with your friends, because when you get home it's supper time, and it's also dark outside. During the day you will get really tired. When you get home you will want to go to sleep.

Favorite Color

Purple : 32%

Hot Pink: 30%




The Fariy tale story

Once upon a time there was a princess named Katelyn. Her and her parents lived in a huge castle. Than her mom got really sick, and died. Than her dad remarried and her step mother had two wonderful daughters. and they all came like best friends.Than her dad died. Her step mother watch her with her sisters. Then one day she meet a prince, but she didn't know he was a prince at first. When she did find out that he was a prince he married her. The princes name was christian. They had two kids and live happily ever after.

Favorite App

My favorite thing about Facebook is being able to talk to my friends all at once. Facebook has a lot of games that you can play. You can put pictures and videos on Facebook and watch everybody’s videos. Some of the videos are really funny. On my Facebook pictures I have a very funny picture. I laugh every time I see it. If you don't have a Facebook, you need to get one because Facebook is awesome. Become friends with me, because I am an awesome friend ! You will love me.