SHS Administration Team Message

August 14, 2020

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Silver Knight Families! We hope you all enjoy this weekend and that your students are ready to return to school next week. This message will recap many important items from previous communications, and also provide guidance for online learning.

Student drop off/ pick up:

Please review the map linked below for the proper drop off and pick up of students, as well as guidance for how students will enter the building.

  • We will begin screening students and letting them in the building at 8:10 am. Class starts at 8:40.

  • Students exiting the bus will follow the sidewalk heading west and line up on the painted dots. Staff members will be present to provide direction.

  • Students driving or being dropped off will enter the building from the west. Staff members will be present to provide direction.

  • Once students enter the building, they should “keep to the right” when walking at all times. There are signs on the floor to indicate the flow of traffic.

Map of the Kingdom

August 17th/ 18th. First Day(s) of school:

  • 9th graders will report immediately to the Auditorium.

  • 10th and 11th graders will report to their respective advisory classes.

Bell schedules:

August 17/18 Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule for 2020-2021

Remote Learning:

We will be reviewing the following information with each of your students, but wanted to give you the opportunity to view and discuss with them as needed. The following are attachments that will demonstrate the expectations for your student when they are at home, and online.

Daily Check List

Tips for Remote Learning

Key points:

  • Follow the checklist and make sure students know how to tackle each day.

  • Take care of your technology and work area. The more prepared students are, the smoother their time will go.

  • Proper online etiquette is essential! Review expectations.

  • Click here for the Wednesday Schedule: All students (group A and group B) will be expected to log on and actively participate in each class according to their schedule. Teachers will be “live” and providing direct instruction for each class.

Student Schedules:

Please have your students double check their schedule. Mild adjustments may have been made to balance classes. Students should also take a screenshot of their schedule, as paper versions will not be passed out. If your student has an open block in their schedule, please have them report to Mr. Lind in the main office during their open block for guidance on appropriate spaces to work.

Chromebook Checkout:

In order for your student to receive a chromebook during their first advisory, please review and sign the following two forms and have your student bring the signed form with them on their first day. They will return the form to their advisory teacher. The first document is for chromebook use, while the second shows the most commonly used applications and websites students will access.

Chromebook checkout and use agreement

SHS Website consent form

Printed copies are also available in the front office foyer at SHS.


Cloth masks that cover the mouth and nose will be required by staff and students in school at all times. Please avoid masks that contain a vent as research shows that those are more harmful than helpful. Wearing a mask will be part of our dress code and MUST be worn at all times. Students will be provided safe, supervised mask breaks during the school day (outside).

We look forward to greeting your student(s) on their first day. Enjoy the last weekend of summer break!