CHMS Library News

Winter 2015/16, vol. 1

A Change in the Air

The weather might be colder and the days might be shorter, but that's not slowing us down in the library! The new fiction shipment is in, bringing more than 100 new titles into our collection. This order was a mix of print books, ebooks, and digital audio books. To check out the latest titles, visit our online catalog and click the "What's New" button in the center of the screen. If you still haven't downloaded the MackinVia app, see Mr. Bancells today for help! Without it, you are missing an ever growing part of your library!

We are also adding new services and programs in the coming months. The Library is now on Twitter, where you will be able to get a daily look at life between the stacks. We are also starting a coloring club (they're all the rage!) in January for students and teachers. You can find more information on both of these below.

October & November, by the Numbers

  • School Days: 37
  • Items Checked Out: 1,213
  • Student Sign-ins: 646
  • Collaborating Classes: 116

(Photo by huees, via Flickr)

Christmas Amnesty is Coming!

Do you have a fine? Get it cleared for free on December 18th. Come in and say "Merry Christmas!", and we will clear up to a dollar off your fine. If you sing us a whole Christmas carol, we'll clear YOUR ENTIRE FINE!!!

We'll have song sheets available, in case you need a little inspiration.

Book Spotlight: The Boundless, by Kenneth Oppel

To be fair, anything that centers on a mysterious circus train is going to land squarely in my wheelhouse (or engine, as it were), and you'll never hear me claim that Kenneth Oppel can't write a great action-adventure story. That said, I think this is a really fun book that will appeal to all sorts of readers.

Will Everett is living a rags to riches story that now sees him the son of a powerful railroad manager. Riding the greatest train ever built, the Boundless, Will can go anywhere he wants. When he witnesses a murder during one of the stops, however, it's all he can do to stay one step ahead of the killers and protect the train's hidden treasures. With weird creatures both outside and inside the train, Will is going to need some very talented help from a travelling circus in order to keep his life on track.

This is a Black Eyed Susan Award Nominee for this year. Highly recommended!!!

Join the Library Coloring Club!!!

Coloring books are making a comeback in a big way this year! From kids to adults, all kinds of people are rediscovering the simple joy of coloring. Starting Monday January 25th, the CHMS Library will host a monthly coloring club. Nothing fancy...just a time to relax, color, and enjoy some company. We will provide plenty of pages; all you need is your favorite coloring tools and a ride home (the library does have a limited selection of crayons, markers, etc, but you probably want your own).

Meetings will happen on the 4th Monday of the month in the library, from 2:40 until 3:30. Please sign up with Mr. Bancells if you want to attend.

Teacher Shout-Outs!

Thank you to all the teachers who collaborated with the Library in October & November.

  • Mr. Bennett--Small group book discussions ; Black Eyed Susan Book Tasting
  • Mrs. Blum--Small group math work
  • Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Nagle, & Mrs. Rossman--Unit Price project
  • Ms. Butera--Keyboarding
  • Mrs. Davis--Social Studies digital resources research
  • Mrs. Gallaher--Social Studies digital resources research
  • Mrs. Gawel--Social Studies digital resources research ; Black Eyed Susan Book Tasting
  • Mrs. Hutton--Jumprope demonstrations
  • Mrs. Lee--Essay writing & research ; Black Eyed Susan Book Tasting
  • Mrs. Pixler--Water Cycle research
  • Mrs. Reed--Small group testing
  • Mrs. Smith--Small group testing
  • Mrs. Stauffer--TRAILS Library Skills Assessment ; Black Eyed Susan Book Tasting
  • Mrs. Tocyloski--Social Studies digital resources research
  • Mrs. Weaber--Social Studies digital resources research ; Black Eyed Susan Book Tasting
  • Mrs. Wein & Mrs. McBride--Black Eyed Susan Book Tasting

The Library is on Twitter!

Are you looking for more up-to-date information? The library is posting on Twitter now! Even if you don't have a Twitter account, you can go here to find news, features, and helpful information about books and technology at your library. If you're on Twitter, give us a follow @CHMS_Library!

Student Policy Reminders

  • Students can check out 2 books at a time (6th graders are limited to 1 until Oct. 1)
  • Books are due after 3 weeks (21 days)
  • Magazines can be checked out for 5 school days
  • Nook e-readers circulate for 2 weeks
  • Overdue Fines are 10 cents per day, per item (except for Nooks--$1 per day)
  • There are a variety of ways to pay off an overdue fine, including Cougar Cash & canned goods.
  • Students can earn 1 Cougar Cash by turning their item in before the due date.
  • Students can earn 3 Cougar Cash by writing a review of their book and turning it in to Mr. Bancells
  • Students can recommend awesome books to their peers by turning in books to the Awesome Book Bin on the circulation counter.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Mr. Bancells is the CHMS librarian, and pretty darn excited for the new Star Wars movie. He's not saying this is his house...he's not saying it's not either. ;-)

He is also the author of the content above and can be reached using any of the methods below.