technology in the past

In the past technology was very poor and bad .telephones were invented in March 10, 1876. The first computer ever invented was in the early 19th century . Cars were invented in 1886. Cameras were invented in 1685. those inventions are developed now and modernized.

present technology

today technology is really developed it turned from the crappy old cameras into those digital HD cameras not only cameras changed but also TVS and cars and phones. apple and hp and samsung and intel are some of the example of the develpoped


In the future we believe to have technology that can do more than what our minds can do. we want technology to be all around us in our daily routines .scientists are working hard on technology and wants to achieve this ASAP .One of the things they are working on is how to go to mars many scientists have failed but they are still working hard . all we can do is wish for the best