Abraham Lincoln

Road to perseverance

Compare and Contrast

Abraham Lincoln was in the Civil War. His life was different before the the war and after the war. Before the war Abraham Lincoln lived in poverty. Abraham lived in a cabin. No one really knew who he was or what he did for a living. After the war he was known as a very honest and noble man. When Abraham Lincoln came back from combat many people recognized him as a leader and a person that people would want to be.Even though he was in the war he still lived in a cabin with his family. Abraham Lincoln still wanted to be known as a person that people could trust and go to when they needed help.

Cause and Effect

Abraham was uneducated when he was a child. He faltered when he was younger He would always skip school to go to the lake by the cabin where he lived. Abraham would skip school because he didn't have any friends and would always get picked on. Abraham Lincoln had 3 siblings but all died at young age. Abraham Lincoln joined the military because it was hard for him to get a job.

Abraham Lincoln had a hard time in school. He would always try to skip school. Abraham didn't get a get a very good education and joined the military. Abraham Lincoln couldn't get a job because he didn't have enough education. He couldn't get money to get a home.


Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. When Abraham was a child he got picked on and would sometimes skip school. Abraham Lincoln became president on November 6,1960. Abraham Lincoln failed 6 times in other elections trying to become president. His ambition allowed to become president. A civil war started in April 12, 1861 because the north wanted to end slavery while the south did not. He ended slavery on April 16, 1862. Abraham Lincoln was re-elected on November 18, 1864. He died when he was 56 on April 4, 1865.
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