The Pianoforte

Created by our very own Bartolomeo Cristofori!

Get yourself a Pianoforte, TODAY!

Forget pricking your fingers on those harsh strings! Forget tuning all of the strings individually everyday! Now the new and improved instrument of choice is available to make the most marvelous sounds. Get yourself a pianoforte now, and forever enjoy the peaceful music it makes! Entertain your guests, entertain your children, entertain your pets... entertain the WORLD!

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Bartolomeo's Story

Bartolomeo was recruited by the well-established Prince Ferdinando de Medici to maintain his prized instrument collection. Though Bartolomeo has done an excellent job thus far of caring for the Prince's beauties, he has recently taken his job a step further. Just like that, Bartolomeo invented the marvelous pianoforte. With Bartolomeo's sophistication, the pianoforte has had many astonishing improvements. For instance, the hammer was distinctly made by Bartolomeo to greater the sound quality. Bartolomeo has singlehandedly created the best pianoforte yet.