Good For You Restauraunt

Family oriented, friendly staff, good food.

Employee of the Month

The cook/chef called "Mattie", is' "our number one employee", says head chef Johnny.

Mattie is a new take for this restaurant. She has brought with her several new ideas and recipes for this already amazing family friendly restaurant. With the help of head chef Johnny, this restaurant is sure to gain prestige quickly.


Friday, Oct. 1st 2004 at 2-6pm

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles, CA

Pie Fest! Bring a special family recipe and try others from around the entire country!

Entirely free! All you need is a pie and hungry stomachs!

Family friendly

Five stars, most fun ive ever had with other chefs ever!- Chef Mattie

Bio: Chef Mattie

Drawn to culinary arts after the passing of her mother, chef Mattie has a true gift in this area of talent. She has brought with her all of the recipes that her mother used to love and that are still loved by chef Mattie herself. With recipes like shoofly pie, she is a welcome change to the Good for You restaurant. Her talent may come from old habits, while upset she read cookbooks and family recipes. With her father at work all of he time she needed a distraction and fell in love with cooking.


Culinary arts, funny movies, and pie.

When we first met, I thought that she was a complete nut case trying to change my restaurant. But as I saw that my recipes were not selling while hers were selling faster than they were made I started to consider her ideas. eventually we figured out a system. Now she and I are the best of friends.

Head Chef, Johnny-Facebook

Chef quotes

Feeling anxious, about to head into my interview. wish me luck!!!- Mattie, twitter

OMG, got the job, no questions asked! Feeling awesome-Chef Mattie, Twitter

Feeling Frustrated, Head chef came back, what a jerk! My ideas just flew out the window!

challenge accepted!- Chef Mattie #determined, Twitter

Sample menu

Appetizer: Small lemon peppered chicken with ranch dressing or other of your choice.

Entrée: Beef stew and homemade biscuits.

Side dish: Red beans mixed with rice and topped with cheese.

Dessert: Ambrosia salad with or without walnuts based on preference or allergy.