A meaningful picture

Avishsai Bino

Picture description

matan is my brother And he is the figure in the picture.

The picture was taken in January 2014, in the hula lake national park in the northern Galil region.

The picture was taken during a trip i had with my family,

The picture shows my brother Matan riding a bycicle, on a travel road in the Hula lake national park.

The picture describes a pleasent memory of a great family activity.

The picture impotance

This picture is important to me because it reminds me of happy family.

In addition my brother serves in the IDF and he returns home once in a few weeks.

So whenever I look at this picture it reminds me of pleasent memories i experienced with him.

I chose this picture because I have a good relationship with my brother.

I found it on my computer's pictures files.

This picture is more than just a normal picture, It is a great suvenere of a great experience.