The Articles of Confederation

By: Nicole Boggs


The perks of the Articles Of Confederation are that it was drawn up by the Second Continental Congress. They had a great start but forgot to add the other two branches of government.It focused more on it's army which was a unified army. It set up a legislature where each state had one vote to make it easier for everyone. Also they were able to build and control an army.


Although The Aticles of Confederation had many perks their were also many disadvantages starting with the national governement. The national government couldn't enforce laws so even if the law was ratified any state could ignore them. The government also couldn't tax. They needed 9 out of 13 states approval to pass a law .Also they needed all 13 in order to ammend a law and had no executive or judicial branch. This caused the economy to suffer more.

Why I think they created a weak central government

I think they created a weak central government because they were in a rush to make things work and didn't think logically of how everything would play out. Also, they should have tried to put the three branches together to make it easier for them.