Flashbulb Memory: Brain photos

By: Tyson Stacey

Why did I choose flashbulb memory?

Everyone has at least one or two special memories that evokes powerful emotion. Each detail of the memory can be recalled and it's very vivid. Learning about these memories has enticed me and I'm interested in learning and teaching others about these memories.

What are flashbulb memories?

Flashbulb memory is the brain recalling a specific, emotional memory in vivid detail. These memories can range from sadness to happiness and can even be about fear.

What is happening inside the brain?

Long-term memory for the general details of an emotionally neutral event was related to Medial temporal lobe and ties into the frontal lobe, but there was no effect of either medial temporal lobe or frontal lobe function on memory for the two flashbulb events. This means that the brain uses the medial frontal lobe to tie in events for the temporal lobe to add details thus creating a flashbulb memory.