Digital Footprint

By: Shafqat Rana

What is a digital footprint?

They are used to describe the trail, traces or "footprints" that people leave online. It can be used to benefit or help you.

Good and Bad Digital Footprints

  • Employers as well as other people will judge you based off your digital footprint.
  • A good digital footprint means better chance of getting that job you want.
  • A bad digital footprint can hinder you in nearly every single way, from not getting a job or possibly even worse.
  • To maintain a perfectly good digital footprint is nearly impossible, but you should alwats try your best; act like someone is watching you at all times, because they are.

Details of a Good & Bad Digital Footprint

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What Else Does a Digital Footprint Do for Me?

  • A digital footprint is used to help track your movements.
  • Retailers and product review sites often leave cookies on your system which can track your movement from site-to-site.
  • This can help websites put ads of what you've recently been looking at to spark your interest in it back again.
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How to Make a Good Digiatal Footprint

  • Constanly check yourself, make sure you're making the right decisions online.
  • Never harass, make discriminatory comments, or post inappropriate photos on social media.
  • Show off your good characteristics online, post positive things on social media.
  • Demonstrate good communication skills and don't lie about your qualifications.

In Conclusion....... Leave a Positive Footprint!