Cordelia Hills Update


Principals Message

Good morning to you all! As the state and local governments work to meet the challenges of COVID-19, our school and District will continue to work with Solano County Public Health on our response. Currently, we anticipate staying open and will work to update you if anything changes. A few notes:

1. Please encourage your children to wash hands. We are encouraging them and giving them time but reminders never hurts. Students are allowed to bring personal alcohol-based hand sanitizers and can carry them at school.

2. We have had increase of inappropriate, mean-spirited comments, and even prejudice comments related to the virus. We are speaking to our students in class and ask that you do the same. Spreading fear based in racism, prejudice, and hatred has no place on our campus.

3. Please communicate with Karen in the main office if your child is ill.

Report Card Conference Days

Wednesday, March 11-Friday March 13th are minimum days for report card conferences. Students will have a small lunch break during the day and hot lunch service will be available during the school day.

TK-5: Arrive at 8:15 (Wed-Friday)

TK Dismissal at 11:40

K-5 Dismissal at 11:50

Access to the upper front lot will be limited so arrive early and park. Please do not park in the loading zone along the front curb.

Report Card Information

Parents will be able to view report cards on illuminate on March 11, 2020. Please look closely at your child's first trimester report card compared to his/her second trimester report card. If your child met the end of the year standard for (RQC), then your child did not have to be tested for second trimester. What is RQC and why do we use it? RQC stands for (Reading Quick Check). RQC is an ongoing diagnostic assessment for a quick analysis of a students strengths, needs and next steps for instruction.
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Cordelia Hills MOVIE NIGHT

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Movie Night Volunteers

Our movie night volunteer link is here:

BOGO Book Fair and Annual Family Reading Night

Thank you to the volunteers and staff members who made the Book Fair and Reading Night possible. So many of you stayed the entire time from 2-7 (and later). Your dedication to our school and to student literacy is matched by few.

2019-2020 Upcoming Calendar Events

Wednesday, 3/11-Friday, 3/13: Conference Minimum Days (Grades K-5, 8:15-11:50 release)

Friday, March 13: 4th and 5th Grade Honor Roll Assembly

Friday, March 20: Movie Night (Flyer Above)

2020-2021 CALENDAR The calendar for next year is updated. Please plan around holidays. We want your children here everyday!

Incoming 6th Grade Orientation

Green Valley Middle School will host a orientation for incoming 6th graders on Wednesday, April 1 from 5:30-6:30 in the Gymnasium. Parents and students are invited and encourage to attend. Arrive early (it will be packed!)

Please note that if you do not live in the Green Valley Attendance boundaries and have been attending Cordelia Hills, you will need to apply for Open Enrollment. Your Open Enrollment to Cordelia Hills does not transfer to GVMS or any other school.

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Traffic Reminders

Please remember that we ask that you avoid blocking the drop off/pick-up zone along the front curb. Blocking includes getting out of your vehicle, leaving the vehicle unattended, and not moving up to the farthest point forward. Lastly, please remember to slow down and to use the crosswalks. It is clearly a stressful 15-20 minutes but student and staff safety is of paramount importance to us. Thanks!

Independent Study Reminder

We've had some questions around independent study. The primary decision to approve short term independent study is made by classroom teachers. It is not an automatic approval and we do have some teachers who do not approve independent study. I know this can be stressful for families but I wanted to make sure all families were aware that it wasn't automatic approval.

Again, to apply for independent study, please email/call Karen Latora in the main office. We appreciate you reaching out at least two weeks in advance, if not earlier.

Registration for 2020-2021

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year for any new student eligible to attend Cordelia Hills next school year is underway.. The online registration was live last Monday. You must complete that before coming in. Please know that we will have plenty of spaces open (at least through May). Don't feel like you have to come the VERY FIRST DAY of registration at risk of losing space. Lastly, we are open for registration from 9-2 each day. If you need to register outside of that window, please contact the main office and request an appointment.

General K and TK

Staying Up-to-date with our Cordelia Hills PTA

Membership drive is on. Check out the details below!

PTA Webpage:

PTA Calendar for 2019-2020

Cordelia Public Library--Did you know!

All Cordelia Hills students are automatically enrolled as members of the Solano County Library system. To access materials and online-resources, they use the following log-in credentials:

FSU and student ID (6 digit perm ID). Example: FSU123456


Phone number: Do not use a phone #. Actually put the month and day of bday. So October 24 is 1024

They can use the same information to access up to 3 print materials at the library.

Check out the website!