The Hive Digital Fall Edition

Volume One Issue 1 29th of October 2021

The Hive Staff 2021

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Journalism Staff

Jordan White- Publisher / Feature Stories

Logan Millsap- Editor / Feature Stories

Auburn Fields- Photography

Podcast Crew

Verified Hive: Emily Robinson, Landon Carrier, Kymber Brewer, Kenzie Lux

Sports Dorks: Dylan Ward, River Henslee, CJ Roberts

Reporting Staff

Jake Pritchard, Landyn Diers, Haylie Wyers, Whitney O'Bar, Derrick Harper, Landon Carrier, Beth Sluder, Tommy Jordan, Rebecca Standifer, Breanna Massengale, Tyler Halpain, and Nathasha Holland.

Advisor / Teacher- Mrs. McHaffie

Volleyball Finishes with Pie in the Face

By Auburn Fields

The pie in the face fundraiser for volleyball went well for the volleyball team. One unlucky teacher was going to be pied in the face. The volleyball team raised a good amount of money from the fundraiser. The teachers who volunteered to be pied in the face were Mrs. Fields, Coach Hays, Coach Z, Coach E, Mr. King, and Mr. O'Banion. The unlucky teacher to get pied in the face was our Band teacher, Mr. King. Everyone had a smile on their face as they watched as Mr. King was pied in the face by Lilly Hayes. Mr. King even had a big smile on his face even though he was covered in shaving cream. Even the other team watching was laughing as Lilly smothered him in the shaving cream. The pie in the face volleyball night was most definitely a night to remember for Mulberry history. Many people came to watch Mr. King be pied in the face. Mr. Hood made sure everything went smoothly so nothing bad could happen. The high school sadly lost the game, but they had fun playing.

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Photo By Auburn Fields

Virtual Arkansas with Mrs. Hays

By Landon Carrier Photo By Auburn Fields
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Mrs. Hannah Hays, the new MHS Virtual Arkansas facilitator, has very few students in most of her classes, so many here at school don't know much about her. I have taken initiative to help you gain a better understanding of this lovely lady. After I presented her with a few select questions, she took the time to answer them through email. Leading off with the first question, I asked, "Do you have any hidden talents?". “I don’t really have secret talents. What you see is what you get!”. She seems to be a distinctly straightforward kind of person if you ask me. Next I asked, "What would your last meal be?". “My last meal would be my husband’s parmesan crusted steak, with my mothers twice baked potatoes, with my green bean casserole, and my dad’s Caesar salad.”

Is anyone else’s stomach growling after hearing that? Oh just me?... Well anyways, next I questioned, "What inspires you?". She answered, “Nature.” The next question was, "If you could pass any wisdom to your students what would you share?". Hope is not wishful thinking. Hope is the audacity to believe "After everything I've been through, there is more ahead of me." - Morgan Harper Nichols. When she’s not busy sharing wisdom with her students though, she enjoys winter, cozying up and reading her favorite books, such as Things in Jars by Jess Kid. Also, if you were perhaps wondering, she had her baby LJ. All is well and mother and baby are enjoying some time off.

What's up in AG?

By Derrick Harper & Auburn Fields

Photo Credit: Auburn Fields

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Q: What current projects are going on in the AG classes?

A: “In mechanics, we are finishing chicken pens and all classes are working on gazebos and memorial gardens.”

Q: How has Covid affected the classroom?

A: “It makes the progress and projects slower due to students being out due to exposure and quarantine.”

Q: How did the state fair go?

A: "Well we didn't have anybody showing any animals, but Jake Pritchard won first place in the tractor driving contest with the fastest time and no errors.”

Q: What goals do you have planned for the fall?

A: “Preparing for career development events and encouraging more students to get involved with showing animals.”

Verified Hive Podcast

Welcome to Verified Hive, a podcast where we discuss the latest school events and anything relevant to your lives. Coming at you from MHS, the Home of the Yellow Jackets! Buzz Buzz!

Starring Landon Carrier, Emily Robinson, Makenzie Lux, and Kymber Brewer. Click the link down below to listen!

Fall Jokes By Landyn Diers

  1. Why did the tree worry that he would never get his leaves back after autumn?

He didn’t be-leaf in himself!

  1. Why was the robot couple’s anniversary in the fall?

They were autumn mated.

  1. What month does every tree dread?


  1. What did the leaf say to autumn?

I’m falling for you!

  1. What’s the ratio of a pumpkin’s circumference to its diameter?

Pumpkin Pi.

  1. What type of vehicle should you use for a fall hayride?

An autumn-mobile!

  1. Did you hear about the tree that deserted the forest at the end of fall?

He was absent without leaves!

1. Why is Dracula so easy to fool?

Because he’s a sucker.

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Pep Band Members

Thomas Marshall, Lilly Hayes, Logan Millsap, Braeden Millsap, Jade Moran, and Tyler Halpain

Band gets Peppy with Mr. King

By Tyler Halpain

I couldn’t arrange a proper interview with Mr. King, but I was able to compose an email to him and ask a few questions. I first asked him about when the Pep Band is scheduled to play. He responded that the pep band will be attending several games on Fridays starting from homecoming. The dates that are planned are 11/19, 12/17, 1/7, 1/14, and 1/28. My second question was about the songs that the pep band will be playing at the games. He responded that the pep band will be performing an array of tunes, from classic pep band chants like Go Jackets and Go Mighty Jackets, to pop songs like Good for You and Industry Baby, to movie themes like Avengers and Star Wars. My third and final question was about the new fight song that he is creating. He answered that the fight song was entering its middle stages of song-writing. The melody and bassline have been written. The one missing part is the lyrics which students are encouraged to submit their ideas for different types of chants to go along with the fight song. I believe that Mr. King wants and has what it takes to do great things for our band this year. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do!

Sports Dorks Podcast

With Dylan Ward, CJ Roberts, and River Henslee

This is our first podcast of the year and we are new to podcasts, but we plan to cover the NBA season for our next edition so stay tuned. Click on the anchor link to hear our first podcast. "Sports Dorks".
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What's Going on in Theatre!

By Natasha Holland

Theatre Happenings

Yellow Jacket Theatre is doing "Oz", a spin on the original and beloved Wizard of Oz.

The cast list:

Beth / Dorothy - Aubrey Burkholder

Mother / Glinda the Good Witch- Akira Carter

Uncle Jason / Wizard - Aydin Carr

Aunt Carol / The Wicked Witch - Cheyenne Morse

The Guide- Joslynn Huffstetler

Hair- Lexi Owens

Wardrobe- Brandi Kethcherside

Props- Desinee Bortoroff

Munchkin Mayor- Logan Millsap

Quix- Lexi Owens

Quax- Brandi Ketcherside

Lion- Jasmine Burkholder

Scarecrow- Landon Carrier

Tin Woman- Lilly Hayes

Munchkin Guard- Ashley Mayner

Jill- Joslynn Huffstetler


Tornado and Understudy- Tommy Jordan

Tree- Timothy Jordan

Loli-Pop Guild- Katie Smith, Lilly Hayes, Ashley Mayner. Tommy Jordan

These actors have been working hard on this play. They have been practicing every Monday-Friday for this play to happen.

Who is working backstage?

Backstage Tech Crew

Lead- Brayden Kelly / Set Design

Photography- Auburn Fields

Jayden Washburn

Lydia Boblett

Ashley Mayner

Brooklynn Jobe Costumes

Jagger Wyers

Adrean Burkholder

Then the backstage crew have been designing everything so well and also having been working so hard on make it look perfect. Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Sawrie, Mrs. Hargraves and Mrs. Chaney have been helping with items that they need.

The Director is the one and only Mrs. McHaffie. When she tries her best, she always gets it done, and it looks amazing when it is finished. This is the play of Wizard of OZ but with a slight twist to the story. It’s not going to be exactly the original one; it will have familiar characters with a twist. This will be the first play of this school year. We are having another one in the spring. Mya Mays and Jade Moran are also student directors and Mya is focusing on the acting and Jade is working lights and publicity posters. Mrs. McHaffie says, "It takes a huge team to get these shows off the ground! "

So come down to MHS on December 3,2021 for the day show for the schools. Then December 4,2021 for the night show at 6pm. $5 for adults and $3 for the students. Yellow Jacket Theatre would like to thank the many people that have donated items. A special thanks goes to the MPV Education Foundation for the theatre grant. It takes a village or a munchkin village to get the show on! See you at the show.

Joking around with Whit

By Whitney O'Bar

Let's get Candy Corny!

  1. Q. Why don’t mummies take time off?

  2. Q. What do mummies listen to on Halloween?

  3. Q. What do you call a wolf that knows what's going on?

  4. Q. What is a vampire's favorite fruit?

  5. Q. Why didn’t the ghost dance at the Halloween party?

  6. Q. How do you fix a broken pumpkin?

  7. Q. What is the cutest of all seasons?

  8. Q.What do the trees say when they start getting their leaves back in spring?


1.They are afraid to unwind! 2.Wrap music 3.Awarewolf. 4.A Neck-tarine. 5. She has no BODY to dance with. 6. With a pumpkin patch! 7. Awwtumn. 8. What a re-leaf!

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A Beautiful Life: Dangers of Counterfeit Makeup

By Rebecca Standifer, Makenzie Lux, Breanna Massengale

When you buy makeup or perfume do you ever double check the brand? Do you ever make sure what you're buying is the real deal? If you don't, you might want to start. Over the last couple of years there has been counterfeit makeup coming from China marked as

expensive makeup brands, tricking people into buying these products for slightly a cheaper price. Counterfeit makeup can be a hazard for the consumers that are tricked into buying these allegedly high quality makeup brands. These counterfeit makeups are dangerous and have been causing people to be burned and have serious health consequences. Some of the makeup has been found to contain bacteria that can cause skin rashes, infections, and allergic reactions. They also contain aluminum and animal fesses, yes some makeup brands do use animal feces in their products but the animal feces that end up in counterfeit cosmetics aren't always meant to be there. The factories are dangerous and dirty so what you are putting on your face is not clean and can cause you to have health issues. Urine has often been found in counterfeit perfume. There have even been accounts of cyanide being put in counterfeit cosmetics, this can be extremely damaging to your skin. So from now on before you buy make sure to check and double check that you are buying the real thing.

Movie Talk with Haylie

By Haylie Wyers

Words on Bathroom Walls

Words on Bathroom Walls is not only one of the most interesting movies I've watched, it is awareness for people with schizophrenia. Adam is 16 years old and has a love for cooking. He uses it to put ease to his mind. He also has a mother that cares very much for him. She has tried every medication to try and help her son. Nothing has worked. He still sees the people that just surround him without anyone else knowing. The hallucinations started getting worse and worse and he eventually started hearing voices. His mom had gone to the doctor one more time and saw a pamphlet for ToZaPrex. She grabbed it and went home to see what it was about. She told him that he should try it since there are hardly any more answers left to give. Adam was hesitant, but he ended up taking the medicine. When Adam started taking the medicine it worked. But there were side effects. His taste buds had changed and his cooking began to start tasting badly. He saw that his cooking was good but others didn't think the same. His mom met a man named Paul. He wanted to get Adam help but he wasn’t as understanding as most would like. He treated Adam like he was so different from everyone else. They send him to a different school and he meets a girl, her name is Rebecca. Adam doesn't talk about his disease or how it makes him feel, But one day Adam had a “psychotic break” and he ended up in the hospital. Rebecca came to see him and he told her everything. She didn’t fully understand but she didn’t care, she tried to help him in every way possible.

“Most people are afraid of themselves” -Adam

Upcoming Events

By Beth Sluder

November 11th Veteran's Day Assembly Auditorium time TBA

November 12th- Homecoming / Game

November 22-26- Thanksgiving Break

December 3rd Oz Day Show Performance (schools only)

December 4th Evening Show Oz 6pm $3 students and $5 adults

December 20-31- Christmas Break

January 3, 2022- 3rd Nine weeks begins

Journalism Students on Pajama Day During Red Ribbon Week!

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Feature Stories

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Stay Gold and Do it for Johnny

By Jordan White

The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is one of the most popular books written. Many people are required to read it during school. Falling in love with the characters is one of the easiest things to do. People always choose favorites but the likelihood is that they like every single character. About two years ago, they opened up a museum in the exact spot they filmed The Outsiders at. It is open on Friday,
Saturdays, and Sunday from eleven to four and is a nonprofit organization. The street sign says The Outsiders Way and Curtis Brothers Lane. It costs ten dollars to be able to enter, which you pay at the gift shop. In the gift shop, they have tons of shirts, keychains, and signed copies of the book. There is also a final copy of the script inside a closed case. When you walk into the museum, the first thing you see is the living room. They have a prop cake and beer (or root beer for the kids) so that you can reenact the scene where Steve sits down with a cake in his lap and a beer in his hand while he watches television. As you continue walking through the house, there is the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen. In the bedroom, there is the desk. Inside the desk is the story that Ponyboy Curtis writes during the movie. The bathroom has a towel that Rob Lowe actually signed. The kitchen was set up the same way that it is in the movie. Throughout the museum, there are pictures of different scenes. There are also different outfits throughout the museum. Several famous celebrities also signed a wall in the room. Another thing that happens sometimes is the actors will come and visit sometimes. C. Thomas Howell, the actor who played Ponyboy, came August seventh and August eighth of this year and performed a concert. If you enjoyed the movie or book The Outsiders, make sure to check out the museum. You won’t regret it.

MASH Program

By Jordan White

Not many people have heard about the MASH program. MASH stands for Medical Applications of Science for Health. It is a two week program held at the different hospitals in Arkansas for people that are interested in proceeding a career in the healthcare field. Because of COVID, not many hospitals were able to have this event. Mercy in Fort Smith was able to do so though. They accepted about forty-two people. For the next two weeks, they got to do differnt things in the hospital. There were a total of six programs that they got to observe. These consisted of radiology, lab, surgery, labor and delivery, preoperation, and physical therapy. People actually got to be in the operating room and witness different surgies. Some of the surgies that they may witness may be laparoscopic, which is electronically and they would have the ability to witness the surgery on a television and get to see things more clearly. In labor and delivery, people got to witness different types of births. Sometimes, people even got to go into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU. In lab and radiology, they showed people around the different places that someone can go. They showed how to do a blood test by hand. Preoperation was going around helping people before they have surgery by giving them medicine and anything else to help keep them comfortable. Phsyical therapy was watching people come from surgery or that in rough shape go through physical therapy and learn to do things like walk again. The programs were not the only things that people got to go through. There were several guest speakers. The bomb squad and UAMS came and talked. Different people who specalize in different things in the hospital came and talked. There was even a tour of the pharmacy. There was also a tour of the different ambulances, even the SWAT ambulance. These are not the only things that happened. If you ever get the opportunity to apply, make sure to do so, especially if you are interested in going into the healthcare field.

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In the Kitchen with Jordan

Bacon Jalapeno Mummies


-1 cup pepper jack cheese

-8 or 10 large jalapenos

-1 container crescents

-8 ounces softened cream cheese

-6 slices bacon, cooked

-32-40 candy eyes


  1. Preheat oven to the temperature 400 degrees. Take a small bowl and mix cream cheese, bacon, and pepper jack cheese until combined.

  2. Slice jalapenos in half lengthwise and take out the seeds.

  3. Take a spoon and put the cream cheese mixture inside the jalapenos.

  4. Pinch two of the crescents together in order to form a rectangle. Take a knife or pizza cutter and slice each of the rectangles into ten different thin slices.

  5. Wrap two or three of the slices around the stuffed jalapenos. Make sure to leave room for the candy eyes.

  6. Bake for 12 to 14 minutes.

  7. Let cool for 10 minutes after pulling the stuffed peppers out of the oven. Place the candy eyes into the jalapenos on the empty spot with no crescents around it.

For more recipes like this, visit

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Beach Day Red Ribbon Week

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Thank you to everyone for supporting Journalism with a Shout out BOO GRAM this has been a tradition in Newspaper for 6 years now!

Boo Grams

By: Jordan White

Marvin Primary School:

To: Kaylie Huffman

From: Nancy Sanders

Happy Halloween I love you!

To: Madison Lewis

From: Momma

Hey sweet girl. I just wanted to say I Love You! Have a great day!!!

To: Abigail Robinson

From: Momma

I Love You and I am so proud to be your momma! Have a GREAT day!

To: Gabriel Marion

From: Grant Raleigh

Happy Halloween! I love you!

To: Emma Harrison

From: Aunt T.

I love you so much!

To: Marvin Pre K Mrs. Thomas class

From: Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Brittany, and Mrs. Copeland


To: Marvin Pre K Mrs. Jennifer Class

From: Ms. Jennifer and Mrs. Trish


To: Remington Harrah

From: Cheyenne Jobe

It’s Sara’s BFF.

To: Eric Belt

From: Kortney Belt

Love you brother.

Pleasant View:

To: Jacob

From: Angel

You’re a cutie!

To: Jaime

From: Jaime

Happy Halloween!

To: Michal Wilmoth

From: Jaime

Happy Halloween!

To: Joslyn

From: Lydia B

Hey Shawty. You’re my little Boo thing. XOXO.

To: Jaime

From: Jaime

Happy Halloween!

To: Aiden Bahwell

From: Jaime

Happy Halloween!

To: Riley Jobe

From: Jaime

Happy Halloween!

To: Cheyenne Jobe

From: Momma

Love you! You are bootiful inside and out!

To: Rylie Jobe

From: Momma

To my bootiful girl...inside and out! Love you!

To: Dani Oliver

From: Carl Patrick Brewer
Thanks for being by my side when I was feeling bad or hurt!

To: Hannah T.

From: Anonymous

Happy Halloween!

To: Justin T.

From: Anonymous

Happy Halloween!

To: Ashley T.

From: Anonymous

Happy Halloween!

To: Allyson Staggs

From: Rylie Jobe

You’re an awesome person, and Bye!!!

To: Katawna Morse

From: Dani Oliver

Tysm for being my friend!

To: Allyson Staggs

From: Rylie Jobe

You are truly my best friend!

To: Montana H

From: Anonymous


To: James D
From: Jaime


To: Joslynn H.

From: Jaime


To: Shannon Fuller

From: Dani Oliver

Ty for being my bestie!!

To: Allie Brisher

From: Dani Oliver

Ty for being my best friend!

To: Kinslee Maness

From: Dani Oliver

Hi, Ty for being a great friend!

To: Conner Davis

From: Dani Oliver

I appreciate you for making me laugh!

To: Jayden Washburn

From: Dani Oliver

Thank you for putting a smile on my face and for being so kind!

To: Clete Clawson

From: Dani Oliver

You are a great person, have a wonderful year!

To: Kenna Childers

From: Dani Oliver

Ty for being my friend!

To: Isaac Roberts

From: Dani Oliver

Tysm for being my best friend!!!

To: Sienna

From: Rowdy

I Love You XOXO.

To: Kinslee

From: Kyle Roberts


To: Austin
From: Kyle R.

Are you happy?

To: Austin O’Bar

From: Kyle Roberts

Get on 2k.

To: Kaylie Amen

From: Kyle Roberts

You are.

To: Molly Childers

From: Molly Childers

Hai to myself!

To: Shannon Fuller

From: Kenna Childers

This is Molly Kennas. She was absent and told me to get you one. Happy Halloween! -Molly

To: Molly Childers

From: Molly Childers


To: Mr. Hood

From: 🐇


To: Montana H.

From: Kyle Roberts

What’s up bro?

To: Kortney Belt

From: Kortney Belt

Hey me.♡

To: Mackenzie Cubbage

From: Kortney

Love you. ♡

To: Liam

From: Liam

I like your haircut.

To: Mom (Sphinx)

From: Sphinx

Thank you for allowing me to go to school!

To: Radiance Crow

From: Kenz

Happy Halloween!

To: Brooklyn and Lessley

From: K.O. Alderman

You are my favorite cousins.

To: Allie Brisher

From: Jordan

Better enjoy this!!

To: Kaydence Pollard

From: Anonymous

Hello my child.

To: Caleb Pratt

From: Mrs. Sawrie

Happy Halloween.

To: Preston Smither

From: Mrs. Sawrie

Happy Halloween!!!

To: Parker Kizer

From: Aunt Kim

Happy Halloween twinkle toes!!

To: Kyle Roberts

From: Kinslee M.


To: Kyle Roberts

From: Kinslee M.


To: Kyle Roberts

From: Kinslee Maness


To: Kyle Roberts

From: Kinslee Maness


To: Kyle Roberts

From: Kinslee


Mulberry High School:

To: Landon Carrier

From: Grandma and Grandpa Shearburn

Love you always, dream big.

To: MacKenzie Lux

From: Rebecca Standifer

Happy Halloween!

To: Haley Tash

From: Sebastian

Hi, have a great day!

To: Katie Casey

From: Sebastian

Have a great day!

To: Shelby Bane

From: Natasha Holland

You’re so amazing. I love you more than anything. Love you bestie.

To: Rebecca Standifer

From: Natasha Holland

You’re so nice and beautiful, just an amazing person.

To: Macie Shearburn

From: Mom and Dad

May your hard work pay off; Keep being Macie.

To: Brooklynn Jobe

From: Momma

To my bootiful daughter and friend. Love you.

To: Ashley Thornsberry

From: Anonymous

Boo! I love you! Happy Halloween!

To: Kelsie Dye

From: Derrick Harper

I Love You! ❤️❤️

To: Mackenzie Lux

From: Jordan White

Thank you for helping me through so much. You are the best best friend I could ask for. I love you! Happy Halloween!

To: Alivia Owens

From: Jordan White

Happy Halloween! I love you! I hope you have an amazing day!

To: Mrs. McHaffie

From: Jordan White

You are an amazing teacher. I am so glad to be back in Journalism. You have taught me so much. Happy Halloween.

To: Rebecca Standifer

From: Jordan White

We haven’t been friends for long, but you are an amazing one. I love you. Happy Halloween!

To: Haley Basinger

From: Jordan White

It’s crazy some of the memories we have. Thank you for everything. I love you. Happy Halloween!

To: Kymber Brewer

From: Bestie

You’re my forever!

To: Tommy

From: Shelby Bane

I love you so much.

To: Sam Ritter

From: Olivia

Here’s a treat!
To: Landyn Diers

From: Olivia

There, I got three, happy?

To: Olivia Standifer

From: Pumpkin

Love you and Happy Spook Month uwu.

To: Sam Ritter

From: Akira

You’re Amazing Boo! Ha, I scared chu.

To: Landyn Diers

From: Favorite/ Bestie

Boooooooooooooooo! Ha, I got chu didn’t I!

To: Micah Embree

From: Anonymous

Happy Halloween!

To: Natasha Holland

From: Anonymous

Happy Halloween!

To: Brooklyn Jobe

From: Anonymous

Happy Halloween!

To: Dominic Belt

From: Anonymous

Happy Halloween!

To: Janine Derozier

From: Anonymous

Happy Halloween!

To: Jordan White

From: Julie and Sawyer

We ♡ you!

To: Jordan White

From: Julie

You are bootiful!

To: Jordan White

From: Susan

I am proud of you!

To: Jordan White

From: Jason

Happy Halloween!

To: Jordan White

From: Mom
When black cats prowl and pumpkins shine, when shivery shivers run down your spine, when ghosts and goblins ring the chime, beware and be scared. It's Halloween time.

To: Jordan White

From: Mollie and Gideon

Happy Halloween.
To: Rebecca Standifer

From: Grandma

Happy Halloween.

To: Haley Basinger

From: Grandma

You’re the best.

To: Jordan White

From: Grandma


To: Karen S

From: Vanessa

I love working with you.

To: Reba King

From: Vanessa

You’re the best boss ever!

To: Journalism Hive Staff

We rocked this paper and I am so proud of all of you! I hope you enjoy this moment and your brownie win!!!

Love: Mrs. McHaffie

Every school:

To: MPV School District

From: Dr. Myers

Happy Halloween! Proud of our students!

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Business Card Ads for Sale & Submissions

If you would like to submit a business card size ad for our next 3 digital editions please contact Mrs. McHaffie or any Journalism Student. Price is $25 per business card ad. The ads go to help our young journalists get t-shirts and pay for our end of the year field trip and Journalism supplies. Contact: with inquires.

If you would like to be included on our email distribution list please email Mrs. McHaffie as well. We look forward to hearing from the MPV community! Send us any pictures or stories related to the MPV community!

Thank you,

Hive Newspaper Staff

Letter to the Editor

By Logan Millsap

Hello everyone! My name is Logan Millsap, and I am the Chief Editor here at the Hive. I’ve been a part of the Hive every year since I came to this high school about four years ago. As a result, I’ve heard, experienced, and wrote quite a bit. As this is my final year, I wanted to spend it answering your questions about school, life, mental health, or gaming. So send me some questions via email, and I’ll try to answer them to the best of my ability! Though I can’t guarantee I’ll answer your question, I will read it. That being said, I look forward to hearing from you soon.