The Cay

Jilian Carlucci


You are separated from your family and are stranded on an island with a man you did not like, what who you do?


Phillip and Timothy are stranded on an island near Cuba during World War 2. They want to be saved and continue to live normal lives. But they were not happy to be started together. Timothy is a black man and Phillip thinks negatively about him. After being together for a few weeks on the island they learned, grew and realized that skin color did not matter. They try very hard to get saved but the obstacles keep on coming hurricanes, blindness, and hunger. Through these struggles they then realize that hey need to work together in order to survive.

Dramatic Event:

An event that would make for a dramatic scene is when Phillip and Timothy first got stuck on the island after their boat exploded from a bomb.

Location, Clothing, Topic, Timothy's Words

The Cay (Devil's Mouth)

Tattered clothing

Not giving up in hope. Not judging someone by the color of there skin

“Dat be true”

Where movie should be filmed:

The movie should be filmed on an island near Cuba.

Lead Actors:

Timothy would have to be around 75 years old, have dark skin, have hope and optimism. Phillip would have to be stubborn, 11 years old and have lighter color skin. Stew cat would have to be gray and white cat.


The theme of the book is if you are stranded on an island with someone you don't like you just can't give up because you can't judge someone by the color of their skin or the way they act. Any human being should be treated the same and should be treated with kindness.