D1 5th Grade Science PLC

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Into the Wild: Organisms & Environments

Save the Date!

First, I would like to thank M.B. Henderson Elementary in the Kimball Feeder Pattern for hosting our last D1 5th Grade Science PLC! We engaged in Earth & Space Science, investigated lab stations, and linked process skills to essential questions.

Our next PLC will be hosted by David G. Burnet Elementary in the TJ Feeder Pattern!

The All Stars Science Leadership Team is proud to host "Into the Wild: Organisms & Environments". Join us as we tackle misconceptions held by our students, analyze STAAR aligned questions and collaborate to adapt engaging labs and activities.

Please CLICK HERE to register for this event.

D1 5th Grade Science PLC

Wednesday, Jan. 14th, 3:45pm

3200 Kinkaid Dr

Dallas, TX


David G. Burnet Elementary

Science CIC: Wendy Kelly

D1 Science Leadership

Loni Coots

Science Academic Facilitator

Division 1, DISD

Wendy Kelly

Science CIC