Fire Extender

Burn Your Business To The Ground

Is your business failing? Well it is not uncommon, and most people don't get anything out of it. In fact 9 out of 10 failed businesses do not commit insurance fraud. If you want to commit insurance fraud we have something for you. The Fire Extender is designed to resemble a fire extinguisher but, it is filled with gasoline. This product will make that fire burn down your business so quick and easily so that there is no chance of saving your business. If your afraid you might be caught don't worry because it will shoot a little whip cream at the end to make it look like you used a fire extinguisher, it is like magic. One half of the random people who commit insurance fraud use this with only one half of them getting caught. Donald Trumps original business ( Selling Potatoes) was failing so badly so he used one of our very own Fire Extenders and suddenly he is a billionaire. So if you want to go from an average Joe to a Donald Trump hurry up and buy one of our Fire Extenders for only $39.99.

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Warning if you only see a pile of ashes know our business was failing so may have used our product on it