CSD COVID-19 Tracking

Chequamegon School District

COVID-19 Data last updated: May 18, 2022

Total Staff/Students

  • Total Number of Staff: 139
  • Total Number of Students: 676


  • Current Positive Staff Cases in isolation: 0
  • Staff Currently Quarantined due to Close Contact: 0
    Total Out: 0
  • Current Positive Student Cases in isolation: 2
  • Students Currently Quarantined due to Close Contact: 0
    Total Out: 2
The CSD dashboard provides information to the District community and the public about the results of COVID-19 reported by Price, Ashland, Iron, and Sawyer County Health Departments during the identified week. These data do not include any self-reported test results.

Due to our obligation to protect our student and staff confidentiality, we cannot share further details about these cases. Identifying students by building or grade level jeopardizes our ability to keep this information confidential. If members of our school community feel we are not doing our best to keep personal information confidential, we run the risk of families no longer sharing important health information with us. We need accurate data to make the best decisions about learning.