Our Advice: Financial Advising!

Alex Beck

Be ready for your future: Why investment is important

You may have enough money for lunch today, you may even have enough money for lunch for a week from today. What you might not have, though, is enough money for lunch years from now.

Investment is helpful, but what may be even more important is saving. Money does you no good if you can't get to it, and wind up in prison for not paying taxes. You should save around half a year of your salary (or earnings in general) in an easy to access account, to have provisions ready in the event you come across an expense, whether it is anticipated or unprecedented.

Information's out there. Anyone can let it in

The world is a constantly changing place; the economy isn't constant, there is no surefire investment that can make me rich! Why on Earth would I invest when so many people fail?

Great question. Investment can be a risky business, and you can lose everything, if you're not careful. Help up help you, and consult with our experts to get advice and information about different markets. Investment relies on information, and it's practically Newtonian; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Basically, everything happens for a reason, and with information as your tool, you can be ahead of the rest!

We take pride in our awareness of information that is important to investors like you, and we won't let you down!

It's all about Time

Saving can be slow or fast, depending on your circumstances. If you don't have a lot of money on hand, you might want to have an easy to access account for your money, so that it lessens your losses due to inflation, but is still accessible. However, if you're not short on cash and you want your money to work for you, you should consider saving with a CD (Certified deposit) which will have a higher interest rate.