Wanted Gold

Au 79

What is Gold wanted for

Gold is a valuable element and it use to show wealth and power. The Spanish mainly went to South America for Gold. People use to say Gold was a product from god. Gold is highly dangerous and be careful when approaching.

First arresting officer

Gold was prehistoric and found around 3000 B.C. Gold is known to be one of the first metals to work. The original name for Gold was "Anglo-Saylon" comes from Latin "aurum" which means Gold. Gold is highly dangerous everyone wants it and if you find it the Spanish will come for you.


Gold has 79 protons and 79 electrons.

Gold does not have 79 neutrons but 118 neutrons.

Known Associates

Gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements and is solid under most standard conditions. Gold can be dissolved by Aqua Regia, Anion, Cyanide, Alkaline. Gold is unreactive to most acids but is reactive to selenic acid when hot and concentrated. Gold dissolves in mercury at room temperature to create an amalgam.
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Ways Gold is used

Gold is can be used in furniture, jewelry and money. Gold has many uses but people invest their money in Gold and artifacts that have Gold in it. Gold is used in medicines and even for tooth crowns.
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Golds producers

The United States is one of the highest Gold producers in the world. China, Australia, Russia and Canada are also some of the top Gold producers in the world. Gold was first found around the Middle East.

physical properties

Melting point: 10641.18C, 1947.52F

Boiling point: 2836C

Density 19.3g

Electron Configuration: [xe] 4f14 5d10 6s1

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