Ms. Jones Class

4th Grade Language Arts


Prezi is one of my favorite ways to present information in a fun and interesting way! Prezi allows you to create presentations how ever you want with different shapes, colors, backgrounds, font, pictures, etc. It is a new creative way to present information to students and keeps them interested. Prezi's can be shared on the internet to other viewers like students and parents from the classroom. It is a great way for parents to stay connected to class material and presentations. Prezi is a website program that I will be using weekly in my classroom!


One of my other favorite tools for interaction among students is using ooVoo. It is a great way for students to communicate in a safe and educational way. The ooVoo app allows you to make free video calls, voice calls, and send text messages to easily connect with other classmates and teachers without having to use you personal phone numbers. Students are allowed to use this app for group projects, meetings, interviews, and just for some help from another classmate. I usually like to assign two group projects to the students using ooVoo so that they can find other ways to collaborate and work together using technology and other resources. It is a fun way to collaborate and communicate with others without having to meet up and parents can monitor the conversation as well. Be ready to download this app for my class!

VideoNo.tes is the easiest way to take notes with synchronized videos! It can work with vimeo, YouTube, KHAN Academy, and edx. This is a lovely website and many other teachers use Evernote but this works so much better! All of the notes that I type are automatically synchronized with the video that I am watching. Later, just click on a line for the video to jump to the relevant part. I can create and manage my VideoNotes directly via my Google Drive and access them from everywhere so I can always edit and publish notes for students to watch. I can manage my permissions and share my VideoNotes with parents, students, or make them private anytime! Students will create accounts as well and I will assign them videos to watch and take notes on so that all of the students can look at what other students might have noticed from watching the video that others did not. My teaching notes will be published on here along with the videos that I show in class so that if a student is absent or just needs to review these notes for a test they are on here. Also, I like to use this for my students who are struggling with reading and comprehension. This will help them hear the words and see them on the side where my notes are up for the video.