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December 2015

A Note From Our Staff

This year, The Chronicle would like to wish you a "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays". Please enjoy this winter edition of The Chronicle as you sit back and try to unwind from the hectic craze this season can bring. If you're looking for last minute gift ideas, we have them. If you're looking for ways to relax and prepare for finals, we have that, too. Unwrap the magic and share it with a friend.

Ho, ho, ho,

The Chronicle Staff


Midterm First Aid Kit

Midterms are approaching and, for the first time, Crestwood students will be taking their midterms before leaving for winter break. Midterms will be taken the week of December 17th. With this big chunk of a grade coming out of one test, it is important to be prepared. Part of being prepared is being relaxed. Some stress is normal and a good motivator to succeed but too much can keep you from doing your best. Crestwood High School students seem to like the change. Megan Wilfong, a junior remarked, “Midterms starting sooner is pretty cool; now I don't have to worry about studying over Christmas break.”

Mrs. Kuntz, a guidance counselor at Crestwood High School, suggests, “Be proactive; it is one of the best ways to prevent stress and the sooner you start preparing the more time you will have [to get ready for the tests].” Being proactive can really help you when preparing for exams. Not only does the proactive mindset help you prepare the needed material, but it also can greatly lower your stress levels. Students should work with their teachers if they are fearful about not being prepared enough for midterms.

Below is a list of ways to prepare for midterms.

  • Schedule time for yourself, make sure you have time to kick back and relax

  • Classical music stimulates the brain

  • A cup of hot tea or caffeine relaxes the muscles

  • Take breaks! Study in intervals and then go do something else to let what you just studied sink in

  • Get up and move around; get your blood flowing

  • Keep away from your phone

  • Cold showers spark activity in your brain and keep you thinking

  • Keep going over things

  • Sweatpants

  • Take naps! Sleep on it!

  • Exercise opens your mind and releases endorphins

  • Download the “forest” app--be rewarded for 30 minutes of non-stop work

Written by: Catherine Hoover and Emily Baker

Holiday Traditions Spice up the Cold

This holiday season, American citizens everywhere prepare for the most frantic holiday yet. Storefronts mark down prices and people begin to cut down trees to decorate for Christmas. The holiday season hosts a plethora of traditions, most of which are practiced on a regular basis. Most commonly, people cut down a small pine tree, and bring it into their house to decorate. The tree is adorned with flashy lights and sparkling ornaments. Another fun tradition, caroling, consists of groups of singers going door to door and singing Christmas carols. The drink of choice is eggnog -- whipped eggs and cream, with a touch of cinnamon.

On Christmas day, people give presents by labelling and placing them under the tree for their family to find. Generally, after the gift-opening there is a large meal. The meal varies greatly from household to household, but eggs benedict with sausage is a common dish. After that, friends are invited over, and a party ensues. These house parties go on, sometimes until the next morning. The holiday season is about giving to others, and spending time with the people you care about the most.

Written by: Wesley Baird

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This Holiday season, an old trend comes back to life. Stores are being emptied of Christmas sweaters. These sweaters have a variety of themes, ranging from movies to the holiday itself.

Ugly sweaters are one of many ways that the Christmas spirit is expressed during December. These sweaters are adorned with flashing lights, knit patterns, and figures from popular culture. Students at Crestwood have enthusiastically joined in on the Christmas sweater craze. One student, sophomore Sophia Cobb, arrived to school wearing one such sweater. The sweater had an image of Santa Claus wearing sunglasses that had lights flashing on the frames. It is safe to say that no one missed Cobb’s sweater that day.

“I love light up sweaters because I’m hot and people should notice me. Christmas is also my favorite holiday,” says Cobb. “Also, I look hot in sweaters.” People all over the country indulge in ugly sweater season, and people like Cobb make it flashy while they're at it. So join in on the fun, and put on an ugly sweater!

Winter Favorites Survey

On Tuesday December 8th, a winter favorites survey was given to Crestwood High. Two hundred and ten students participated in the winter favorites survey. The first question asked to students was, “What is your favorite winter activity?” The possible options to answer were snowball fights, watching Christmas movies, decorating, and sledding. Thirty-five people voted for snowball fights, 47 people voted for watching Christmas movies, 58 people voted for decorating, and sledding received 73 votes.

The next question was, “What is your favorite Christmas movie?” Out of the 210 students of the Crestwood body, Elf came in as the winner with 85 votes, followed up with 64 votes for Polar Express, 31 votes for The Nightmare Before Christmas, and coming in last with 29 votes, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The third question was, “What is your favorite winter clothing?” The options to choose from were scarfs, sweaters, fuzzy socks, and sweatpants. Sweatpants took first with 70 votes. Almost tied for second place, fuzzy socks had 57 votes, followed by 51 votes for sweaters. Scarfs came in fourth with 31 votes.

Junior, Mia Miller, was questioned what her favorite thing about the holidays are. “I love spending time with my family on Christmas.” She also added, “I think the survey was a good idea to see how everyone likes to spend their holiday season.”

Written by: Nicole Hocevar

Deck the Aisles

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, holiday gift giving is growing near. Many people take advantage of days of deals, such as Black Friday, in order to save money during the holiday season. For those who may have missed these discount days, deals may still be available for that last minute holiday shopping. Mrs. Heidi Duke, Crestwood High School Staff member, says that she has not finished her holiday shopping for this year. Duke laughs, “I haven’t bought a single gift.”

According to ShopperTrak, a firm analyzer of retail shopping, has determined that the Saturday before Christmas is expected to be the busiest shopping day of the holiday season. Many call this hectic day “Super Saturday,” in belief that stores will discount most of their items. However, many shoppers are unaware of Super Saturday and local mom Heidi Duke states that although she had no idea of what Super Saturday was, now that she does she will most certainly participate.

Retailers are taking advantage of the large number of last minute shoppers with Amazon offering “12 Days of Deals,” including discounts on select items through December 22 and marking some products 40% off. This is not limited to online shopping, however; large retailers such as BestBuy and Walmart will possess deals for Super Saturday rivaling those of Black Friday. This is good news for both the stores and for the shoppers that may have either missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday or are just late to the holiday shopping scene. Fear not last minute shoppers, the discounts are still among us.

Written by: Austin Shaffer

Winter Health

With the upcoming winter season, health becomes a hassle for many. Whether that may be internal or external health. The most prominent issues for internal health are colds and the flu, which become more of an issue during the winter months than any other season. Avoiding these viruses entirely is impossible, however.

The school nurse has advice on this subject. The most important recommendation she gave me was “Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!” She continued, “Don’t share drinks or chapstick because you can get respiratory and stomach viruses.” The last pieces of advice she gave were, “Getting a flu shot, getting enough sleep and dressing for the weather.”

As for those external hassles, everything becomes dry, from your skin to your hair.

Everyday Health suggests buying topical creams with vitamins A and C, along with creams containing lactic acid or urea. Another helpful idea stated by Everyday Health is using a leave-in conditioner that contains zinc-oxide to help your hair retain moisture. Along with those tips from the article, Nurse Joyce also recommended drinking extra fluids, “hydrating from the inside-out,” which she said is the most useful way to combat the dryness.

Written by: Melody Bencie

Christmas Concert

The Band and Choir both have a Christmas concert this time of year. The Band will be putting on a Christmas concert December 17th. Both the Wind Ensemble and the Concert Band will perform. Elizabeth Adkins, a flute player states: “We’ve worked hard this year, and it’s definitely shown." The band program is looking forward to performing their winter selection.

The choir recently had their Christmas concert as well. The Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, and Show Choir all performed on December 7. They performed a variety of pieces, ranging from the Hallelujah Chorus to Fruitcake, an unique song instructing on how to make the best fruitcake. Senior Joshua Stern, a member, says (on Fruitcake): “It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever done in choir, but also the funnest.”

The music program has grown considerably this year, and is proud to present their christmas selection. “We’ve improved a lot from last year,” Elizabeth Adkins says. The music program has improved, and hopes to perform well. They hope to bring the spirit of Christmas.

Written by: Ephraim Oliphant

Mantua Decorations

Downtown Mantua is feeling the Christmas spirit. One can see the town lit up day or night. The town was previously decorated to support the school’s football team but now that theme is changing to Christmas themed.

On each lamppost wreaths that have a light in the middle are hung up and stretch through the whole town. If one enters Mantua coming from 303, you can see the wreaths first. Then as you continue driving up through the town the local stores are decorated or in the process of decorating for Christmas. The Christmas lights visible at night give a soft glow to the town, illuminating the streets with different colors and making people smile.

When arriving at the corner of where Prospect intersects with 44, one can look over and see the lights that decorate that whole benched area. The lights span up the flagpole and all the fence and along benches. Continuing to look up and down Prospect, the street has a soft illumination that will make anyone smile. As you drive down, you can see the homeowner’s Christmas spirit.

Mantua during Christmas is a truly special sight that people may take for granted. One day while you’re driving through Mantua, just open your eyes and take in the decorations and the beautiful town that is Mantua.

Written by: Emma Dockery


Treasurer's Luncheon

The Crestwood Wind Ensemble and Chamber Choir recently performed at the Treasurer’s Luncheon in Akron. Both groups performed multiple pieces from their concert repertoire. The Wind Ensemble performed a total of three pieces: Seagate Overture by James Swearingen, Hymnsong of Philip Bliss by David Holsinger, and Parade of Tall Ships. The Chamber Choir also performed three pieces: A Frozen Suite, Carol of the Bells, and Good Night Dear Heart.

“I liked having the opportunity to perform. It was fun to see the band and choir working together,” stated senior Sam Oliphant, a member of the Chamber Choir and the Wind Ensemble. The musicians enjoyed the chance to perform their concert pieces ahead of schedule. “It was an interesting experience and I got to see a lot of important people!” Stated Elizabeth Adkins, a Wind Ensemble member. The music program enjoyed the performance and was very glad to have the opportunity to play for the Treasurer’s.

Written By: Ephraim Oliphant

French Caroling

This year's french class went around caroling on December 16 at Crestwood High School. French classes visited rooms throughout the building during the school day. They also sang three different songs: Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, and O Christmas Tree. Caroling was sounded during announcements on the 16th as well.

After talking to students, they said that they are excited to share what they have been practicing. Sophomore Dan Painley said, “It brings a holiday spirit throughout the school and is a good way to end school before winter break.” The french class had been preparing for weeks and sang each song from memory. They hope to have brought good cheer to all.

Students Raise Money for French Trip

Over President’s Day weekend, a group of sixteen students studying French at Crestwood High School will be travelling to Montréal and Québec, Canada. This trip allows students experience the French language and culture without having to travel across the Atlantic to France. This trip will be much cheaper than a France trip, and students going on the trip have opportunities to fundraise. Without fundraising, each student would have to pay $1,199. With fundraising, however, $200 or more can be cut from the original price.

One fundraiser is through selling Butter Braids, a filled pastry. Also, “We also have an account on set up so people can donate online,” adds French teacher Meredith Ersing. On, about 55% of the goal amount of money has been donated so far. Throughout the next few months, other fundraisers may come forth as these students try to raise as much money as possible in order to travel to Montréal and Québec.

If you are interested in donating to this goal online go to this link:

Written by: Melina Edic

Donations for the 4C's

The Student Council is holding a food drive for 4C’s Dec. 14-18. Donations will be accepted all week at school. Donations of non-perishables will be accepted at the door when paying for your admission into the game. Junior Student Council members, Gabi Campana, and Megan Cymanski, along with senior, Melissa Soltisz, will be collecting all donations dropping them off to the 4C’s in Hilltop church in Mantua. They created this project to help feed families in need over the holiday season.

They would like all who can spare some of their holiday foods and give to the 4C’s to help feed the hungry in our community and make their life a little more special over the holidays. One of the team members, Campana, commented, “My group and I are happy to help support the local families that go hungry over the holidays and love to see it affect the people around them.”

Written by: Caleb Gula

Student Council's Reading Rainbow

This Christmas season Crestwood High school students Michael Picone, Domenic Picone, and Logan Bailey will go to Mrs. Picones 2nd grade class for a student council service project and will participate in reading Christmas stories and perform Christmas activities with the class.

There is no set date yet but, when asked, Michael said, “it should be a really fun time, I think we will have fun with the class.”

Written by: Adam Fitzgerald

Cuddle in a Rainbow

Crestwood Student Council members have been very involved in many activities at Crestwood High School. Recently the members have been working with other organizations to serve the community through service projects. Service projects are a big part of the work taking place over the course of the year and students take it upon themselves to make a difference for someone or something they are passionate about.

An example of this is a project led by Madi Benoit, Kenzie Lohr, and Ashley Prater: Cuddled in a Rainbow. They will be collecting donations of pre-made blankets and fabric to make and donate to ill children at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. The collection of material will go through early January. The girls are very passionate about this project and have done a lot of work. The three will be delivering the blankets themselves. They’re anxious to see the reactions of the children and bring them joy. Benoit has commented on the events by saying, “I’m excited about the chance to help out any way I can with the kids. Something as simple as a blanket could really lift their spirits and that’s what motivates me to do it.”

Along with a variety of other projects, students like Benoit, Lohr, and Prater work very hard every day to give back to those in need and find new ways to serve the community, always leaving a lasting impact.

Written by: Gabi Campana

Stepping Forward for Kids in Need

Senior Romie Schweickert has constructed a program in which she collects new/gently used shoes to help people Nicaragua for her Senior Seminar project. These people have disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy. Schweickert decided upon this project because the people there don’t have access to good shoes with enough support.

When asked to describe the project, Schweickert said, “The goal is to provide them with good shoes with good support so they don’t have to walk barefoot.”

By doing this project, Schweickert improves the involvement of Crestwood Schools and its community by helping those in need in another country. She is also helping to make people aware that these problems exist and what they could do to help.

Written by: Blaine Sorrick

Spaghetti Dinner Results

On November 19, 2015, there was a spaghetti dinner and raffle benefit. The benefit was held in the Crestwood high school cafeteria, and the goal was to help out two familiar families around Crestwood. The families that the spaghetti dinner benefited was the Duke family and the Taylor family.

The 10 dollar meal that was provided was one plate of spaghetti along with one piece of garlic bread and a bowl of salad; don't forget the unlimited desserts. Mrs. Heidi Duke, CHS staff member, stated that the benefit raised six thousand dollars. The money raised was split between the Taylor and Duke families with both families receiving three thousand dollars.

“The money that we received paid all the medical bills and all costs were covered. We had no bills to pay and all the days that we have to take off are paid for. The Dukes are doing fantastic,” Duke reassured. “I felt the benefit went really great.”

After the benefit, both families were very humbled by the generous response received from the community.

Written by: Bradley Woodrum

Crestwood's German Foreign Exchange Student

This year, Crestwood has welcomed a foreign exchange student from Hamburg, Germany. Her name is Katharina Wesenberg. When asked how our culture and the German culture are different, she said that “at the base of both cultures there are many similarities.” Both Germany and America are western and capitalist, but there are differences when taking a closer look, such as at her school system.

German schools have numbers for grades instead of letters. Also, they have only two schools: a primary and what we would call a high school. Primary holds grades from first to fourth, and the others are in the high school. Like America, they have to take an English class every year. In sixth grade they can choose to take another language such as Russian or Latin.

Their vacations for school are much shorter than American breaks, but more numerous. She also said that soccer is the biggest sport in Germany and that baseball and football are not as popular as they are in the US.

Katharina pointed out that the celebration of Christmas differs in Germany as well. They have “Santa Claus” and Christmas trees, but instead of celebrating on the twenty-fifth, it is on the twenty-fourth. Saint Nick also comes and puts candy and small gifts in the children’s shoes on the fourth. The German Santa Claus also has some differences. He doesn’t come when you are sleeping but when you are awake, and you must tell him a list of good things you’ve done that year and if he believes that you have been a good boy or girl, he will give you gifts.

Katharina shared that she likes it here in America but still loves her home back in Germany. However, she would be willing to come back in the future.

Written by: Curtis Stephens


Football Banquet to Commemorate Win

The Crestwood High School football banquet was held on Wednesday, December 2 at 6:00 pm. The banquet was at Maplewood Career Center in Ravenna, Ohio. The Red Devils had a historic season, reaching the regional finals for the first time in school history, and there was much to be grateful for and talk about at the banquet.

The success for the team resulted in many opportunities for players to earn post-season awards. The Devils had 6 players earn All-District honors and 5 earned All-State Honors. Michael Picone, Logan Thut, Aaron Cox, Jordan Fabry and Cameron Mordue earned both and Anthony Bates earned All-District honors. The team won the first ever playoff game in school history and made the playoffs in back to back years for the first time in school history. They also went along to win the first two playoff games.

Ryan Erway, a senior, said, “I am greatly honored to have made history my senior year, it is something that I will never forget and will cherish for the rest of my life!” The season was special for everyone. Freshman Domenic Picone said, “It was such an awesome experience seeing the team doing as good as they did! It definitely was a season I will never forget, even as a freshman!”

The season was special for the entire Crestwood community and will always be remembered.

Written by: Michael Picone

A Legacy Returns

With the return of alumni Josh Jakacki as the new head boys coach, the Crestwood Basketball team is looking to make a name for themselves in the Portage Trail Conference this year. However, with the exciting, extended end to the Red Devils football season, many of the two-sport athletes got a late jump on the basketball season.

Coach Jakacki is currently the record holder for most career points at Crestwood High, but junior, Jordan Fabry is quickly closing the gap in hopes to break his new coach's record. Fabry doesn’t seem too worried about it, “For the time being I’m just focused on winning as many games as possible. The rest will take care of itself.”

Senior, Jake Lieberth, is hoping to have a successful and memorable year, as this will be his last at Crestwood High. When asked for his thoughts on the team he responded, “Well, it was a process and still is, but we look great so far. It really helped when we got the football players back.” Lieberth is very excited, to say the least, about Jakacki’s return to his alma mater. “He’s been a blessing,” he comments. “I’m very excited to have him, especially for my senior year.” Jakacki has not only improved the high school program, but everything down through the youth. Crestwood is definitely better off having the best player in their history back.

Written by: Clay Jackson

Swooshing into Success

After playing 7 games so far this season, the Varsity Lady Red Devils are 2-5, the Junior Varsity Lady Red Devils are 1-6. Varsity girls beat the Cardinal Huskies and the Woodridge Bulldogs, the J.V girls beat the Cardinal Huskies. Our Lady Red Devils played the Woodridge Bulldogs Monday December 7th. Coming out ready to fight in the first quarter the Varsity girls held the Bulldogs to only 6 points. The Devils built a strong lead in the first half, which helped them out in the 4th quarter when the Bulldogs scored 23 points. Our girls fought their way through it and turned turnovers into two solid points. Megan Cymanski (junior) led the Lady Red Devils with 14 points and 10 rebounds.

“Ever since the pre-season during the summer, I have had a good feeling about this years team. This year we are returning without Amy Auble, Holly Hoffman, and Alyssa Lamb, who were three key components to last years victories. This year, the ladies have really stepped up in order to fill the shoes of the former players. Our hard work every day in practice pays off in games when we work extremely well together,” says junior Emily Walker.

If you’d like to give them a shot, our girls are playing home against Ravenna on December 19th. Game times are 6:00 for J.V and 7:30 for Varsity!

Written by: Audrey Klatik

Crestwood Makes A Splash

Crestwood’s swim team has been greatly improving performances and the team atmosphere through the last couple seasons. The team had a successful season last year, sending one swimmer to districts (Danny O’Sickey) and having two school records shattered, including the 200 medley record (Danny O’Sickey, Colson Faust, Samuel Oliphant, and Blaine Sorrick) and the 400 freestyle (Blaine Sorrick). The swim team practices at Hiram College’s pool at 5:30AM every school day. The athletes must have a lot of dedication to do this. Coach Clayton Faust has high hopes coming into his second year as Head Coach. Assistant coach Cheryl Goggin has been with the swim program for many years and is also excited.

“Obviously we hope to have nobody drown,” joked Goggin. “I hope for few injuries, for both girls and boys teams to win at least half of the meets, do well at invitationals, everyone swim a PR at sectionals, and send more than one person to districts. We have lots of returning good swimmers and many promising athletic upcomers. They’ll do well. We have a lot of talent.” The boys team is currently 2-0, and the girls 1-1. Come support the team at their next meet on December 18th at the YMCA in Tallmadge!

Written by: Blaine Sorrick

Bowling For Success

The Crestwood boy’s and girl’s bowling teams are doing very well so far in their 2015-16 season. The Crestwood varsity boys are 6-1, beating Norton, Coventry, Ravenna, Rootstown, Streetsboro, and Ravenna again, while losing to Woodridge. They are currently in second place for the PTC title behind Woodridge.

Girls varsity are 5-1, beating Norton, Coventry, Ravenna, Rootstown, and Streetsboro, then losing to Ravenna. They are also currently in 2nd place for the PTC title behind Garfield. When asked about the outlook of the two teams, head bowling coach, Heidi Duke, said, “I am looking to end up with PTC champs for both teams.”

Recently, both the varsity boys and girls participated in the Raven’s Invitational. The boys placed second out of twenty-two schools to Nordonia. The girls placed seventh out of seventeen schools. Coach Duke says, “I am happy with the performance of the varsity teams. There were many tough division I schools that were very competitive.”

The girls junior varsity team is undefeated against Ravenna, Norton and Coventry. The JV boys are currently not in the standings due to injuries. Nicole Hocevar, senior on the girl’s varsity team, says, “The JV teams hold a lot of potential to replace the current juniors and seniors when they graduate. The JV are very hard working and are doing very well for having many newcomers.”

Written by: Megan Wilfong

Crestwood Wrestling

Crestwood wrestling has now started their season, conditioning six times a week. “There is a lot of conditioning,” agreed junior Nick Vespucci.

When talking about their season, Vespucci said that he will wrestle about fifty matches throughout their five month long wrestling season, with six to seven tournaments mixed in. Also, as a team, he believes that they have the potential to win most of their meets. According to Vespucci, their head coach, Mr. Wrobel, “Can be stubborn sometimes, but overall is a very good coach.” Everyone can and should expect the wrestling team to have a great season.

Sophomore Mackenzie Tayerle, the only female wrestler on the team, talked about what it is like being a female wrestler. She said that “it’s fun, and not weird at all” because she has been doing it since third grade. She also stated that “it’s hard at times, mostly because people think that just because I’m a girl I can’t do anything, but proving them wrong is an amazing feeling.”

When asked how the coaches treat her she told me, “At first it felt like they were thinking 'what is a girl going to do,' but after awhile it gets to the point where they expect more from me than everyone else.” She also said, “Even though they [the boys] are stronger, I am more flexible and it’s fun to see their reactions when they have to face a girl.”

The Crestwood wrestling team's first match is Friday December 11th. Come show your Crestwood Spirit and support the wrestling team!

Written by: Jacob Whitman

Winter Sports Schedule

Many students are participating in winter sports this year. Listed below is the upcoming schedule for basketball, swimming, wrestling, bowling and band events from December 15th through January 14th.

December 15:

6:00 PM -- Boys JV Basketball Home Waterloo JV/VAR

7:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Home Waterloo

December 16:

4:00 PM -- Boys MS Wrestling Away @ Garfield

6:00 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Away Southeast

7:30 PM -- Girls Varsity Basketball Away Southeast

December 17:

5:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Wrestling Away @ Garfield

5:30 PM -- Boys JV Wrestling Away @ Garfield

7:00 PM -- Band Concert in Gym

December 18:

3:45 PM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Bowling Home Springfield @ Sky Lanes

5:00 PM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Swimming Away @ University Park YMCA

6:00 PM -- Boys JV Basketball Away Southeast JV/VAR

7:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Away Southeast

December 19:

8:30 AM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Bowling Away @ Camelot Lanes

6:00 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Home Ravenna

7:30 PM -- Girls Varsity Basketball Home Ravenna

December 21:

6:00 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Away @Lakeview

7:30 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Away @ Garfield

December 22:
6:00 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Away @ Garfield

6:00 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Away @Lakeview

6:00 PM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Swimming Away Fairview

December 23:

12:00 PM -- Boys Varsity Wrestling Home Double Dual

12:00 PM -- Boys JV Wrestling Home Double Dual

6:00 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Home Lake

7:30 PM Girls Varsity Basketball Home Lake

December 27:

1:00 PM -- Boys Varsity Wrestling Away Kenston Tournament

December 28:

1:00 PM -- Boys Varsity Wrestling Away Kenston Tournament

6:00 PM -- Boys Freshman Basketball Home Woodridge

6:00 PM -- Boys JV Basketball Away Garfield JV/VAR

6:00 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Away Aurora

7:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Away Garfield

7:30 PM -- Girls Varsity Basketball Away Aurora

December 29:

6:00 PM -- Boys JV Basketball Away Springfield HS (Akron)

7:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Away Springfield HS (Akron)

December 30:

5:30 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Away Newton Falls

7:00 PM -- Girls Varsity Basketball Away Newton Falls

January 2:

8:00 AM -- Boys MS Wrestling Away @ Green High School

January 4:

7:00 PM -- Boys Freshman Basketball Home Windham

January 5:

6:00 PM -- Boys JV Basketball Home Lake Center Christian

7:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Home Lake Center Christian

January 6:

6:00 PM -- Girls Varsity Basketball Home Lake Center Christian

6:00 PM -- Boys Freshman Basketball Away Lake Center Christian

January 7:
3:45 PM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Bowling Home Woodridge @ Sky Lanes

4:00 PM -- Boys MS Wrestling Home Dual Meet

5:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Wrestling Home Dual Meet

5:30 PM -- Boys JV Wrestling Home Dual Meet

5:00 PM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Swimming Away @ Alliance YMCA

January 8:

3:45 PM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Bowling Away @ Bill White’s Twin Star Kent

5:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Wrestling Home Double Dual

January 9:

9:00 AM -- Boys JV Wrestling Away Nordonia JV Battle

3:00 PM -- Boys JV Basketball Home Mogadore JV/VAR

4:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Home Mogadore

7:00 PM -- WINTER BALL (School)

9:00 AM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Swimming Away YSU Invitational. January 11

3:45 PM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Bowling Away @ Bill White’s Akron Lanes

4:30 PM -- Boys Freshman Basketball Away Maplewood HS

6:00 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Home Marlington

7:30 PM -- Girls Varsity Basketball Home Marlington

January 12:

6:00 PM -- Boys JV Basketball Home Aurora JV/VAR

7:30 PM -- Boys Varsity Basketball Home Aurora

January 13:

5:00 PM -- Boys Freshman Basketball Away Cardinal

6:00 PM -- Girls JV Basketball Home Garfield

7:30 PM -- Girls Varsity Basketball Home Garfield

January 14:

3:45 PM -- Boys/Girls Varsity Bowling Away @ Bill White’s Twin Star Kent

Written by: Adrianna Scopilliti