The Open Door Policy

President McKinly

President McKinly announced in 1898 that the United States would protect China and would also have access to China, and in1899 and 1900 efforts were made by President McKinly to open trade ports and gain access to China. The Open Door Policy represented the relationship between China and the US, and originally was the idea of Secretary of State, John Hay. The US wanted be involved in foreign affairs, but did not want to be a part of alliances. The Open Door Policy helped to allow the US to do this.

Open Door Policy

John Hay is known for the Open Door Policy,

Thinking thoughts on how the US could help countries,

Not being in alliances that were messy,

Was something that would cause the US to appease,

President McKinly made efforts with trade ports,

Hay, who at the time was Secretary of State,

Noticed the President's actions seemed to fall short,

Hay helped handle this with a plan sure to be great

President McKinly then announced this new plan,

He explained the Open Door Policy to all,

And so many of the people became a fan,

For this new plan was surely not going to fall,

This new plan allowed the US numerous things,

Such as being a part of foreign policy,

And having the access to China like they're kings,

This plan made the US proud and also happy,

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