Shopping Spree

By: Ana Victoria Sevillena Bacani

Shopping pree

It was just a normal Wednesday at 11:00 a.m until my phone rang. I picked my phone and then I accept the phone call and then I say, "Hello?" and then the guy said something to me saying I won ten thousand dollars. Then I ended the phone call and I went crazy, started running around the house, and then I went upstairs to get the day started.

I told my parents if they could drop me off the mall and come back to pick me up. When I arrived at the mall, I started to look around on which store I should go first. The first store that I went was Justice. While I was in Justice I started buying a lot of stuff such as dresses, skirts, tops, pants, pajamas, and other good stuff . I mostly spend $250 on each store that I went to!

Suddenly I got hungry, I asked my parents if they wanted to spend time with me having lunch with me and they said yes. Me and my parents arrived at a buffet, after we arrived at our table, I started to look for food. I filled my plate with orange chicken, hot steaming rice, noodles, and egg rolls. For dessert I had vanilla ice cream, for the toppings I got chocolate chips. Me and my family were stuffed with food, we were happy full.

After we ate, my family and I went back to the mall to go shopping again. When we were done shopping, we realize that the car had no more gas in it, there was no gas stations around the mall. My family and I started to walk a mile or two to see if there was a gas station was around but there was no gas stations around. Then my dad went off on his own to look for a gas station. After 30 minutes later, he came back carrying a gas bottle. He filled the car with the gas that was in the gas can. After filling the car with gas, we went home.

When we arrived at our house, we had to bring down a lot of shopping bags. When we were finish, I went to my room and started to look at the the stuff that I bought. I was happy that I had 10 puppies, the IPhone 6 plus, 62 pieces of clothing, a bunch of dresses, my donation to the animal shelter, and my donation to the breast cancer association. I still has $1000 left and I only have 30 mins to spend, I decided to let the guy who called me this morning can take the money away, I was happy on what I bought and had. I didn't really care if they take the money away from me. I had the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!