Personality Type: True Colors Blue

by Lucy Meyer

Overview of My Color

Blues are also known as idealists. They want to feel unique in the world, and are very sensitive. They have a great understanding for how others feel, being very sympathetic and compassionate. Blues do not like conflict, and want peaceful surroundings. Above all, we do not want to be rejected by others. Blue personalities are emotionally driven.

Childhood & Relationships

Blue children were the daydreamers in school who didn't want to listen. They were very sensitive, and wanted to fit in. I still can't fit in with everyone and I find it troubling. In pressuring blues to do better, encouragement works over competition. Yeah, if I lose and no one would encourage me I fall into a depression for not being good enough. Blues are true romantics and love candlelight, flowers, chocolates, and lots of time spent with their lover. We want security and harmony, and we are very loyal. This represents how I am perfectly, but most people I know are very fleeting and it never works out. I want someone stable.


Blues love the arts, and may go into communication, education, and help professions. I myself would like to be a teacher, not a school teacher, but a different kind. It's difficult to explain. I'm planning on going to art school as well, which is my preferred job. Famous blue personalities include Mozart (arts), Ghandi (motivation), Martin Luther King Jr. (communication/education), Oprah Winfrey (arts), Julius Caesar (help and communication), Thomas Jefferson (I rank presidents to be of communication, since they speak to us and inform of us of what America must do to help ourselves.) and Abraham Lincoln (communication).

Leadership Style

Blues are mainly democratic, and they assume a family spirit. We want to help others to reach and use their full potentials. Famous blue leaders include Ghandi, Thomas Jefferson, Julius Caesar, Martin Luther King Jr., and Abraham Lincoln. I find myself to be more of a demanding leader, as I want the people I am in control of to do their share and do it right. I am quite peaceful however and don't want to start a fight but I need to be firm.

Symptoms of a Bad Day

We are very sensitive of course, so we all want to cry and lash out at others. One trait is to misbehave and get attention, but that isn't me at all. Withdrawal is very true, along with depression. Passive resistance and screaming are also symptoms. I'm always depressed since I'm not accepted by most. I can approve almost all of this.

Thoughts About My Color

The three characteristics in blues that are most like me are the need to be accepted, my overflowing imagination and ideals, and sensitivity. Three traits that were not like me would be that blues are mainly democratic, misbehaving to get attention, and screaming on a bad day. Like I said before, I'm planning to head into the art industry and the blue personality's preferred work preference is art. Positive examples of my personality influencing my work place, if I were an author, would be to draw my work. Another would be if I was an animator, I could teach new employees with my help profession and education traits. Negative influences on my job would be if I was an author, if I got rejected by a few publishers I'd certainly be in depression for a while until I may get accepted. As an animator, I may not feel accepted if the others do not like my ideas.
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