Wildcat Weekly


Our Mission is to be knowledgable and productive leaders who have a positive impact on our school and society.


April 16- Jammers Dress Rehearsal at EHHS

April 17- Elementary Principal Meeting 9:00, Jammers Concert at EHHS 7:00 pm

April 18- Faculty Meeting

April 19- NCDPI Visit

April 20- Reading 3D Window Opens

April 21- BBQ Festival

April 23- Leadership Team 3:15

April 24-

April 25- No Meeting (Thursday duty schedule)

April 26- Jan King to talk about Standard 6 and on line testing (Wed. duty Schedule)

April 27-

April 30- 5th Grade to Visit Middle School

Looking Ahead

4.30 5th Grade to Middle School

5.1 Midterms

5.3 Field Day 4/5

5.4 Field day k/1 9:30-11:30 2/3 12/30-2:30

5.7 BT Celebration at NHHS

5.8 Professional Development Day

5.11 Possible PBD

5.31 Hot Dog Supper and Student Performance

6.5 Student Leadership Team Book Swap

6.7 5th Grade Celebration

6.8 End of Year Extravaganza 10:30

April Birthdays

25 Patricia C, Quinci E.

28 Kim P


Testing dates 2012

Tues. May 15

X2 Reading

Wed. May 16

X2 Math

Thurs. May 17

X2 Science, Regular Science

Fri. May 18

X2 Reading Day 2? probably

Tues. May 22


Wed. May 23

Math Day 1

Thurs. May 24

Math Day 2

Fri. May 25

Reading Day 2? probably

Tues. May 29

X2 Reading R1

Wed. May 30

X2 Math R1

Thurs. May 31

X2 Science R1, Regular Science R1

Fri. June 1

Reading R1 (We may have flexibility having day one on Thur. 5.31)

Mon. June 4

Math Day 1 R1

Tues. June 5

Math Day 2 R1

* We will have the 3-5 Hot Dog attendance lunch on Friday May 25th.


Faculty meeting

Jan King is coming on April 26th to talk with us about Standard 6 and the plans for assessing teacher effectiveness for teachers other than 3-5. She will also discuss what she knows about the online testing.

You can see information about this and other DPI updates on the Region 8 or DPI Wiki.

End of Year Meetings

I would like to set up meetings to discuss summates and year end PDPs. Teachers please sign up for a time at the link below. Please sign up for a time by April 27th.

Don't Forget to Fill out The Teacher Working Condition Survey!

Grading and Homework

Many of you have asked if we can discuss homework and grading practices. I have attached some videos and articles that you may be interested in viewing before our discussions. I will include more next week.
Toxic Grading Practices--Doug Reeves
Rick Wormeli: Redos, Retakes, and Do-Overs, Part One

Sandals/Flip Flops

Students are not allowed on the nature trail, wood chip area or playground with flip flops or sandals. The same goes for teachers.

2012/2013 Calendar

The latest Calendar draft has the workdays starting on August 14. It has not been approved and will most likely not be approved until May. Just an "heads up" when planning vacations.


Educate yourself on the candidates and get out there and vote! See the sample ballot for the primary at this link:


Where is this Writing?

Can you find these excellent examples of writing across the curriculum?

April is National Poetry Month!

Animation Web Site

Liz and I went to a great session on free web resources. We learned about Smore. Which I am using for this Newsletter. Another site we played around with was GoAnimate. Students can make short animated videos. See the link below.


This site has interactive activities, articles and videos. A couple may not be appropriate for all ages.



Interactive Ten Frame

3-9 Interactive Games to Build Skills