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Notes from Mrs. Hamp

  • Our field trip will be this friday. Your child will be bringing home 2 permission slips for you to sign and return along with information/questions and answers you may have about that day. The first form to fill out is about lunch, the second, will be permission for your child to bring a device onto the bus. Please sign and return these two pieces of paper no later than Wednesday. If you have any other questions about the field trip that are not answered, please let me know.
  • We will be getting ready to do an experimental egg drop and will need some supplies for them to use as part of their construction of a capsule to house the egg. If you have any of these items laying around your house and would like to get rid of them, I will take them off your hands!

grocery bags

sandwich bags

coffee filters

paper bags


old t-shirts


any thing you think would protect the egg in a safe landing


  • I will be out on bereavement leave from March 11-15, I will have my e-mail available if you have any questions or concerns. Also, conference reminder notes will be coming home on Thursday instead of the following week.
  • We did not take a spelling test this week. Please have your child review last weeks words so they remember the -rupt morpheme.

  • Our Spring party is right around the corner. Click on the link provided to sign-up for activities in your child's last party here at Castlio. Let's make it one to remember! :)

What are we learning this week?

Phonics: Latin Morpheme -cept

Math: We have worked very hard this past week at understanding multiplication of fractions. This week we will understand how division happens in fractions and practice this skill through dividing whole numbers with fractions and understanding how to create reciprocal fractions.

Reading: This week we will be exploring how inventions that happen in space, affect us here on Earth. We will also explore Mars exploration and how Buzz Aldrin handled space exploration. Our focus will be the exploration of space, new technologies, and the inspiration for the inventions.

Writing: While we are learning all about Space inventions, we will be creating an opinion piece on why we think the president should not cut funding to the space program. They will use information they learn this week to help support their reasons with evidence they have gathered.

Phonics List for Week 24

Latin morpheme - cept

Meaning: to take

accept, exception, unacceptable, acceptance, perceptive, perception, intercept, except, concept, interception deception, reception

Happy Birthday!

Megan S. ~ March 8

Mark Your Calendar

March 11: Field trip to Springfield ~ arrive at 6:15am:return at 5:00 pm.

March 16-17: Parent/Teacher conferences

March 18: Spring Party

March 21-28: SPRING BREAK

March 31: TechFest @ 5:30 pm