The Title Has Changed!

From "First Impressions," to ,"Pride and Prejudice."

Pro "Pride and Prejudice"

The novel penned by Jane Austen, First Impressions, has taken on a new name. Now titled Pride and Prejudice the story has a new found air of sophistication. This title better suits the novel. The title is more intriguing to potential readers as it draws them in. Pride and Prejudice is more constant throughout the book rather than First Impressions which occurs only once. Mr. Darcy is to prideful to dance with Elizabeth at first, and Elizabeth is prejudiced against Darcy. But they both accept each other later on. The pride and prejudice that occurs in Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship is why Pride and Prejudice is a much better title than First Impressions.

For "First Impressions"

It is unfortunate that the title of this renowned book has changed. The original title suited the book well , so it was an unnecessary to change it. First Impressions better captures the main ideas of the novel because most of the characters first impressions affects the plot of the story. These first impressions led to many conflicts in the novel. The first encounter between the main characters, Darcy and Elizabeth, reflected on how poor judgments can be made off a character the first time meeting someone. Elizabeth had a very poor opinion of Darcy after their fist time meeting , but after she got to know him better, she was in love with him. Her first impression was what lowered her opinion of him and what made her refuse his first marriage proposal.